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Robert's Rules of Order

Robert Weinstine on the civility of yesteryear

Bucking the Trend

Three young lawyers who marched to a different drummer

Corner Man

Former cop Ed Harness is empathetic and unintimidated

Late Bloomer

How Corrado Cirillo demonstrated his wherewithals

Barristers of the Ballot Box

How five Wisconsin lawyers got involved in the political process

Woman’s Best Friend

How Megan Senatori helps domestic abuse victims—and their pets—get to safety


Philip J. Halley could tell you about his practice; but then he wouldn’t be a trusts and estates lawyer

Man of Milwaukee

Why Frank Gimbel loves jury trials and Don Quixote

The Pugilist (Not) At Rest

Michael Tarnoff of the Warshafsky Law Firm is boxing again—after 50 years

Picture This

David Wilson Jr. captures courtroom wins—and breathtaking landscapes

Green Is Good

Construction lawyer Eric Grasberger builds on eco-sensitivity

Balancing Act

Laura Caldera Taylor seems to find extra hours in the day

Mr. Schpak, The Next Generation

How Andrew Schpak is helping save Hollywood … the theater

The 800-Pound Piranha

David Markowitz is a courtroom giant—and a gentle soul

Money Matters

With an economy hard-hit by the recession, Oregon’s financial lawyers are burning the midnight oil 

Chip and Charge

Chip Welch takes on Walmart and the Air Force

Q&A: William Massey

Memphis-based Bill Massey of Massey McCluskey is one of Tennessee’s top criminal defense and death penalty attorneys, but he still makes time to teach young lawyers