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Warrior Ethos

When representing disabled soldiers, Michael Pasquale never accepts defeat

Diving In

How Loyola law student Laura Diven plunged into the issues facing LA’s HIV/AIDS community

Safe Haven

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program dedicates itself to helping society’s most vulnerable

Dignity for Detroit's Down and Out

Bodman PLC provides much-needed aid to the city’s homeless and low-income residents

The Original

In 1904, University of Denver kicked off the first clinical program in the nation. today, it’s still going strong


CareerBuilder’s Alex Green started in the NFL before redirecting to the law

The First Filter

That’s what Charles Schwab calls his general counsel Carrie Dwyer

In Brad Lerman’s Submarine

Fannie Mae’s general counsel has one rule for his legal ship—work together or perish together

Best Man

Keith Nelsen uses his leadership skills to help renew Best Buy

Making It, Baking It, Taking It

Office Depot’s Elisa D. Garcia C. makes it her business to know the business

As Memphis as You Can Get

David M. Cook, son of a steamboat captain, challenges juries to ‘cast the first stone’

The People-Pleaser

When everyone gets up from the table smiling, it’s a good day for Nashville transactional attorney Darlene Marsh

No Lies, Please

Criminal defense attorney John Colette tackles the tough cases—but expects clients to tell him the truth

Advisory Role

Little Rock lawyer Donna Smith Galchus aims to divert disputes before trouble starts

The Human Side of Law

Elder and family law attorney Margaret W. Hickey guides people through disasters both natural and emotional

The Things He Carries

Stephen J. Meyer’s clients tend to be good people who have screwed up once

Schooling Banks and Brokers

What Stephen E. Kravit and C.J. Krawczyk found in three million pages of discovery

Life, Death and the Green Bay Packers

Real estate attorney Benjamin S. Stern, of Chernov, Stern & Krings, talks about the global financial meltdown, the importance of the dash, and some football team or other