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Security for Survivors

Latham & Watkins helps Holocaust victims seek financial reparations from the German government

A Miracle in Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico

The American Immigration Lawyers Association comes to the aid of families targeted for deportation

Convicted Until Proven Innocent

California Western School of Law’s Innocence Project tries to ‘put Humpty Dumpty back together’ to free the wrongfully imprisoned

The Right Connections

How Notre Dame law student Alisa Finelli linked need with know-how

'Where Do We Even Start?'

In the wake of the Ferguson protests, Saint Louis University’s legal clinics take on long-simmering issues

'We've Got to Do Something About These Kids'

How Kathleen Gasparian launched a program in Louisiana to help unaccompanied immigrant children

Brew Master

How M&A ace Sabine Chalmers helped form the world’s largest brewing company

The Gold Standard Playbook

DuPont’s recently retired Tom Sager has a pretty simple M.O.—“Do better”

Hugging It Out with Teresa Wynn Roseborough

The self-described Brown v. Board of Education baby embraces The Home Depot

Diversity, not Divinity

Rotating careers and keeping true to self launched Don H. Liu

Brick by Brick

GCs and outside counsel weigh in on best practices to build a solid foundation

On the Variety of Things

To general litigator Dean Laing, it’s a new day every day

The Silent Part of the Conversation

It’s just one reason why Marie Stanton thrives as a mediator

Trial Dog

In an age of settlements, clients with must-try cases are relying on experienced lawyers like J. Ric Gass

Paradigm Shifts

Jerry Gonzalez fosters relationships between corporations and minority- and women-owned firms

The GC and the GOP

John L. Ryder throws himself into bankruptcy work, election law and his role as general counsel to the Republican National Committee

Anything You Can Do, She Can Do Better

Vicki L. Gilliam holds her own fighting for clients like Brandy Nicole Williams and the Ramapough Tribe

Golden Opportunities

Brian H. Ratcliff takes on a new firm and the Arkansas Bar presidency