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'I Can Fix That'

It was a long path to the law for T. McCall Stern; she wouldn’t trade it for anything

Representing Rosa, Cheating the Hangman, and Other Stories from 400 Years of Law

Seven attorneys from four states—each with 50+ years in practice—talk about their careers

Loving Open Houses and Open Water

Discovery with Adrienne M. Griffis

'We Are the Bosses'

Tressa Johnson and Kristy Bennett's employment firm is busier than ever during the pandemic

Salman Run

Tanya Salman gets others onto the right page, hitting the high notes and crossing the finish line

How Much Is Enough?

Mark Thomsen says it’s high time to do something about police misconduct

Leading the Charge

Meaningful change has always been Ruth Irvings’ goal, even if it’s via an estate plan

It's Somebody's Job to Make That Stuff

And on Letterman, at Miramax films, and now on a podcast, that somebody is Nick Gansner

A Star in Her Role

Kerensa Cassis honed her competitive edge on the basketball court

The Forever Family Firm

Adoptee Lisa Williams-McCallum knows family comes first

A Lifetime of Service

Former intelligence officer Jane Francis continues to defend the Constitution

Intensity Personified

Robert Haar doesn’t talk for the sake of talking

'When We Fight, We Win'

Lawyer and activist Rod Chapel has lived his father’s lesson

Close to Her Heart

Kristine Helen Bridges has helped dozens seek protective orders

Tribute to Cincinnati 'Icon' Steven R. Adams

The well-known criminal defense attorney stood out both in court and at Ironman triathlons

The Lucky Ones

Five attorneys under 40 discuss student debt, the Great Recession, and the good fortune that got them here

To Practice with Integrity

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cara Nicklas is helping fight corruption

'What Better Client to Have?'

Dan Webber spent his first seven years in the U.S. attorney’s office