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Iron Man

Frank Santoro goes the extra 140.6 miles

Emch as in Mensch

Al Emch pilots the Jackson Kelly law firm like he did C-130s

The Meat Cutter's Daughter

Lisa A. Bertini on delis, Fabio and the terror of hanging your own shingle

Goolsby on Goolsby

The author of Goolsby on Virginia Corporations tells all

The Loudest

David Baugh fights to preserve the Constitution—including the rights of Klansmen and al-Qaida terrorists

That's Not All, Folks!

How cartoonist Michael L. Goodman went from Bugs Bunny to the business page

The Supreme Thrill

Four Virginia lawyers on arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court

All the Livelong Day

Susan Armstrong’s been working for the railroad

Jennifer McClellan is in the House

The Verizon counsel is also a state rep

The Self-Starter

How high school dropout Russell “Rusty” McGuire dropped back in, became the state’s assistant attorney general and advised the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq

My Son, the Non-Doctor

Michael Guanzon shames his family by becoming a lawyer

Doing the Right Thing

Corporate lawyer Maya Eckstein knows why this day is different from all other days, and it shows in her pro bono work

Handling the Curve Balls

Lori D. Thompson couldn’t get a job as a teacher, so now she’s saving jobs as a bankruptcy lawyer