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The Listener

Reflecting on a year as state bar president

The Voice

Philip O’Brien speaks well inside the courtroom and inside the booth

Representing the First Americans

Brian Pierson knows what sovereignty means

Getting Even

Robert L. Habush went into the law reluctantly; now Wisconsin’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award is named after him.

Milwaukee's Prosecutor

After 37 years as Milwaukee’s district attorney, E.Michael McCann keeps going ... and going ...

The Storm

Victor Arellano makes waves to help immigrants find peaceful shores.

Bringing Momentum to Milwaukee

Amelia McCarthy tosses footballs, shatters ceilings

The Crusader

Robert Henak’s mission is to make sure no one slips through the cracks

Carrie Bradshaw of the Tundra

Billie Jean Smith travels far and wide for adventure … or a good pair of shoes