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Wisconsin Super Lawyers Articles

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Labor Force

Barbara Zack Quindel on east coast sarcasm, the Wisconsin idea, and the last five years for Wisconsin labor Featuring

The Man From Luck

Ardell Skow has spent 50 years taking personal injury cases in northwestern Wisconsin Featuring Ardell W. Skow

The Bookends

How sharing a room as kids helped turn Heidi Vogt and Linda Vogt Meagher into top litigators

Featuring Linda Vogt Meagher, ...

Paradigm Shifts

Jerry Gonzalez fosters relationships between corporations and minority- and women-owned firms Featuring Gerardo (Jerry) H. Gonzalez

Trial Dog

In an age of settlements, clients with must-try cases are relying on experienced lawyers like J. Ric Gass Featuring

The Silent Part of the Conversation

It’s just one reason why Marie Stanton thrives as a mediator Featuring

On the Variety of Things

To general litigator Dean Laing, it’s a new day every day Featuring Dean P. Laing

Schooling Banks and Brokers

What Stephen E. Kravit and C.J. Krawczyk found in three million pages of discovery Featuring Stephen E. Kravit, ...

Life, Death and the Green Bay Packers

Real estate attorney Benjamin S. Stern, of Chernov, Stern & Krings, talks about the global financial meltdown, the importance of the dash, and some football team or other Featuring Benjamin S. Stern

The Things He Carries

Stephen J. Meyer’s clients tend to be good people who have screwed up once Featuring Stephen J. Meyer

The Human Side of Law

Elder and family law attorney Margaret W. Hickey guides people through disasters both natural and emotional Featuring Margaret W. Hickey

After the Storms

Law student Jennifer Cunha provides relief to legal services organizations post-disaster

Longtime Adviser

Anne Ross’ calm, elbows-in approach keeps clients coming back for decades Featuring Anne E. Ross

The Quick and the Reserved

Terry E. Johnson likes helping lawyers with problems Featuring Terry E. Johnson

Buting for the Defense

Cancer survivor Jerome Buting on fallibility, prejudgment and the deterioration of criminal law Featuring Jerome F. Buting

Act 10, Scene 2

Shana Lewis is a problem-solver for Wisconsin school districts Featuring Shana R. Lewis

Leap of Faith

Amelia McCarthy’s Peace Corps journey became a pro bono mission

War Stories

Dennis P. Coffey on the war on drugs, law schools, and how overlegislated we are Featuring Dennis P. Coffey

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