Articles Written by Aimée Groth

Representing Erin Andrews

Bruce Broillet and Scott Carr on the case heard ‘round the world

Featuring Bruce A. Broillet, …

Workplace Privacy in the Facebook Age

What employees can expect from employers in New York


Stabilizing Rent-Stabilization

Ira L. Herman on the Santiago-Monteverde bankruptcy ruling

Featuring Ira L. Herman

Brown for the Disabled

On Dan Brown’s pro bono work to make New York more wheelchair accessible

Featuring Daniel L. Brown

The Best Neutral

Mediating with John DiBlasi

Featuring John P. DiBlasi

The Return of Lenny Sanz

Employment plaintiff attorney Leonard H. Sansanowicz learned empathy as an actor opposite (among …

Featuring Leonard H. Sansanowicz

Prisoners of Wars

From Gitmo to Orange County, Cindy Pánuco fights for inmate rights

Featuring Cindy Panuco

Rescuing businesses and other animals

Lindsey L. Smith on the emotional burden of bankruptcy

Featuring Lindsey L. Smith

Brick by Brick

GCs and outside counsel weigh in on best practices to build a solid foundation

Featuring Keith John Nelsen, …

Art and Craft

Julian André defends stolen art and due process

Featuring Julian Lucien Andre

Bon Appetit

Pity Jordan R. Bernstein; part of his job involves testing the best restaurants in the city

Featuring Jordan R. Bernstein

She Sold That Building

Crystal Lofing’s latest real estate deal involved Dodger Stadium

Featuring Crystal T. Lofing

Fostering Hope

Penn State’s Children’s Advocacy Clinic helps young clients with life and legal issues


Search, Rescue and Mediate

Attorney Bonnie Schriner and her search and rescue dog are on call

Featuring Bonnie M.J. Schriner

Controlling the Second

After handling a two-engine failure at 9,000 feet, nothing fazes Brett Godfrey in the courtroom

Featuring Brett Godfrey

Casino Royale

John A. O’Malley argued the case of a lifetime against billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Featuring John A. O'Malley

Tough Crowd

Timothy Coates’ stint as a comedian helps when he argues before the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring Timothy T. Coates

Michael Paras

The Former Outcast

Why personal injury attorney Marvin Salenger identifies with his clients

Featuring Marvin Salenger

85 Photo

The Don of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Gerald Shargel defends collars of every color … as well as the mob


Larry Marcus

At the Crossroads

A train collides with a car full of young people, slicing the vehicle in two. There are …

Featuring Sharon Van Dyck

Luigi Ciuffetelli

The Takeover King

David McBride has played a part in some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions in U.S. history

Featuring David C. McBride

Turning Al Anbar

Why Mark Budzinski left his med-mal practice to lead troops in Iraq

Featuring Mark T. Budzinski

In Love with Kansas City

Real estate and railway attorney Allison Bergman keeps one of America’s great cities moving …


Whistler’s Lawyer

Qui tam lawyer David Haron helps clients come forward

Featuring David Haron

A Solid Foundation

Affordable housing attorney Angela Christy opens doors for the underprivileged

Featuring Angela M. Christy

Handing in Her Press Pass

How Carey Matovich’s early career as a journalist led her to law

Featuring Carey E. Matovich

Ahead of the Curve

How Rachel May Zysk landed a major terrorism case before even landing her J.D.

Featuring Rachel May Zysk

After Disaster Strikes

Keith Griffin helps victims of tragedy piece their lives back together

Featuring Keith D. Griffin

Thou Shalt Not

Deputy District Attorney Wendy Patrick, M. Div., reconciles man’s law and God’s law

Featuring Wendy L. Patrick

The Record Setter

Alabama v. ExxonMobil was a defining moment in Robert Cunningham’s career, but he’d rather talk …

Featuring Robert T. Cunningham

All Things Chapters 7 and 11

Lewis & Roca’s Susan Freeman climbs mountains and bankruptcy ranks

Featuring Susan M. Freeman

The Universal Education of Andrew Savage

Where did the South Carolina criminal defense attorney learn his most valuable lessons? Inside a …

Featuring Andrew J. Savage, III

Meet the Parents

Special education attorney Robin Ballard does and doesn’t always agree with them

Featuring Robin S. Ballard

Baghdad Clarity

Bart Newman grappled with existential questions in Iraq, then published the answers

Featuring Bart Newman

Ray of Light

Ray Basile devotes his free time to the Indy Special Olympics

Featuring Raymond A. Basile

Early Riser

Why Tim Carroll quit working for the president of the United States and got a real job

Featuring Timothy J. Carroll

In the Footsteps of Big John

Cousins Steven Jr. and John S. Farese carry on a family tradition

Featuring John S. Farese, …

Like Father, Like Son

Rocky Wilkins credits his dad with teaching him the ways of law

Featuring Rocky Wilkins

Q&A: Morris Dees

Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, has squared off against …

Featuring Morris Seligman Dees

Dirty Harry Holly

How Holly Hempel trained with the Maryland Police Academy

Featuring Holly A. Hempel

Saper Lawyer

Daliah Saper arrived from Iran at age 6 and hasn't slowed down

Featuring Daliah Saper

Mr. Everything

A soldier, a cop, a deacon and a lawyer walk into a bar—and they're all Francis Laws

Featuring Francis R. Laws

Confronting Our No. 1 Fear (And It’s Not Death)

Trial lawyer Brenda Sunby once dreaded public speaking

Featuring Brenda K. Sunby

Not Your Average Dirt Lawyer

Bob Hughes uses real estate expertise to fight homelessness        

Featuring Robert W. Hughes


Alan Perry posted the nation’s second-highest CPA exam score—while in law …

Featuring Alan W. Perry

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