Articles Written by Amie Stager

Call of Duty

Patrick A. Lujin talks intellectual property and video games

Taking the Reins

Christine D. Esser is determined to make a difference, one gallop at a time

A Tale of Two Recordings

The mentor who made a better lawyer out of Leo Monterrey

A Risk Worth Taking

Steven M. Gordon looks back on his case against the FBI on behalf of a Whitey Bulger victim

What to do if Someone Steals Your Art Online

How to copyright your work and take action against those who steal it

Tips to License Your Art in New York

What the intellectual property laws say and how to make money under them

Who is a Public Charge?

Defined limits on admissibility for permanent residence in U.S. immigration

How to Sponsor a Family Member

Common routes to permanent residency for family members of U.S. immigrants

How You Can (and Can't) Get Out of a Subpoena

Colorado courts can force you to testify

How Long Do Immigration Cases Take?

Some last a few months, others take years; it depends on your circumstances

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