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Practice: Runway

How CEO training and a sense of humor helped Monica Richman build a fashion IP practice

Featuring Monica B. Richman

Copyright Law in the Digital Age

The trouble with copy and paste

Courtroom Artist - Florida

Three attorneys who wrote—or were mentioned in—published books share their storieFeaturing David W. Bianchi

The Person She Always Was

There were never two sides to Robyn Gigl

Featuring Robyn B. Gigl

The Benzo Way

From paralegal to partner to president—and now principal at Benzo Law—it’s …Featuring Tracee R. Benzo

The Dream Job

Tin Fulton Walker & Owen’s Katy Lewis Parker reflects on six years as legal director …Featuring Katherine Lewis Parker


Did Claudia Ribet’s bicycle accident turn her into a better lawyer or just a better …


McGuireWoods’ Ava Lias-Booker on why she’s tired of ‘first’ but not ‘more’Featuring Ava E. Lias-Booker

You Can Believe What Terry West Says

Personal injury attorney Terry West finds the missing linkFeaturing Terry W. West

First Comes Love

Before same-sex marriage was the law of the land, business litigator Robbie Kaplan became a hero of …Featuring Roberta A. Kaplan

Covert Operations

Why scientific misconduct lawyer Barry Nelson Covert knows more about space dust than you doFeaturing Barry N. Covert

The Adventures of ScienceLawyer

Tammy B. Georgelas talks science, tech and the beauty of a four-digit bar numberFeaturing Tammy B. Georgelas

Trevor Potter and the Magic Briefcase

Does Trevor Potter look familiar? The Caplin & Drysdale lawyer helped Stephen Colbert’s …Featuring Trevor Potter

Scalpel, Please

Trial attorneys get to build cases. Gentry Locke appellate lawyer Monica T. Monday delights in …Featuring Monica T. Monday

Not Forks and Knives

Amy Sara Cores knows when to hold ’em and fold ’em in family law cases, but international …Featuring Amy S. Cores

Kathy Portnoy’s Complaint

She brought Updike and Mailer to Atlanta, but couldn’t land Philip RothFeaturing Kathy L. Portnoy

Eminent in His Domain

Charles N. Pursley is all condemnation, all the timeFeaturing Charles N. Pursley, Jr.

Midnight in the Theater of Good Acoustics: A Savannah Story

How T. Mills Fleming gave the Lucas a sequelFeaturing T. Mills Fleming

On the Fly with Ed Hinson

For the James, McElroy & Diehl lawyer, there’s nothing like the lure of a government …Featuring Edward T. Hinson, Jr.

The Constant Constables

James Constable, the fifth generation of Constables to practice law in Maryland, tells us about his …Featuring James W. Constable

Something More Than Civil

Darcie R. Brault embodies the Midwestern qualities of Michigan’s labor and employment barFeaturing Darcie R. Brault

Insurance Quotes

Insurance coverage attorney Lee M. Hall on contracts, the happy side of failing, and why she knows …Featuring Lee M. Hall

Talking It Out

What’s the secret to mediator Yvonne Takvorian Saville’s success? Letting everyone have their …Featuring Yvonne Takvorian Saville

Business, Globalization and the American Dream

Dornbaum & Peregoy immigration lawyer Kathleen Peregoy on the evolution of American business, and …Featuring Kathleen M. Peregoy

Shared Vision

How the courtroom duo of Dustin and Dennis Burrows overcome the latter’s failing eyesightFeaturing Dennis R. Burrows, …

The Boy on the Bay

It didn’t take a message in a bottle for M. Hamilton “Tony” Whitman Jr. to grow up to be a …Featuring M. Hamilton Whitman, Jr.

Master of Disaster

Thad Dameris’ phone started to ring after the Costa Concordia ran aground in ItalyFeaturing Thad T. Dameris

The Scientist with a J.D.

IP attorney and hydrologist Alana Fuierer of Heslin Rothenberg is on the cutting edge of cleantechFeaturing Alana M. Fuierer

“Building Families and Rebuilding Lives”

In her personal injury, employment and surrogacy/adoption practices, Colleen Quinn’s mantra rings …Featuring Colleen Marea Quinn

The Brand Name

Health care attorney Adam Balick continues his family’s legal traditionFeaturing Adam Balick

Getting Schooled with Maureen Mahoney

The Latham & Watkins appellate attorney talks about her landmark decision for education, …Featuring Maureen Mahoney

An Audience with the Pope

Anthony Pope on the murder trial he had no business trying, working the Newark narcotics beat, and …Featuring Anthony Pope

Charlie's Angel

Appellate lawyer Ryan Clinton helped make Austin one of the country’s most animal-friendly citiesFeaturing Ryan Clinton

Nancy Valentine’s Idea of Fun

Complicated bankruptcy cases make this attorney’s dayFeaturing Nancy A. Valentine

Whistle Blown

Genevievette Walker-Lightfoot had evidence in 2004 that Bernie Madoff was committing fraud; no one …Featuring Genevievette E. Walker-Lightfoot

Shannon Smith’s Calling

She represents clients accused of some of Michigan’s worst crimesFeaturing Shannon M. Smith

Charles the Fourth: a.k.a. ‘Mike’

Charles Joseph Cronan IV on Nos. I, II and III; the beginning of health care law; and how a boyhood …Featuring Charles J. (Mike) Cronan, IV

In the Footsteps of Big Grandma

Thomas Hurney Jr.’s thriving practice is part of a family legal traditionFeaturing Thomas J. Hurney, Jr.

Outing Gay Baseball

Lawyers Suzanne Thomas and Michael Reiss negotiate how gay a league needs to beFeaturing Michael Reiss, …

Victims’ Advocate

Scott Fischer’s mission: to protect the elderlyFeaturing Scott M. Fischer

Defending the Blogosphere

How Adam Bonin safeguarded blogs from campaign finance lawFeaturing Adam C. Bonin

Becoming a Voice

Law student John Rafferty’s mission: help the powerless

The View

When Keith Biebelberg’s clients lost their panoramas, he took the developer to taskFeaturing Keith N. Biebelberg

David’s Song

A college friendship with Brian Piccolo led David Zacks into lifelong pro bono work for the …

A Caregiver’s Friend

Former nurse Marilena DiSilvio’s heart is with doctors, hospitals and care providersFeaturing Marilena DiSilvio

Love and Documents

Lawrence Jacobs helps same-sex couples plan their estatesFeaturing Lawrence S. Jacobs

Land Steward

Wichita’s Randy Rathbun left the farm to become one of the state’s foremost environmental …Featuring Randall K. Rathbun

Real Heroes

Andrew “Duke” Maloney’s five-year battle for Glenn WinukFeaturing Andrew J. Maloney

Ten Years Later

Three attorneys reflect on how they helped victims of 9/11 through Trial Lawyers Care

Featuring Andrew G. Finkelstein, …

Taking on Prop 8

How Jeremy Goldman helped battle the anti-gay marriage measure

Flight Path

Geoff Grindeland saved lives as a naval aviator; now he saves the day for pilots in courtFeaturing Geoffrey M. Grindeland

Something That Feels Like Justice

Staying up late with Mike AttanasioFeaturing Michael A. Attanasio

Speaking for the Speechless

Gabrielle C. Sereni fights for special ed kids

Featuring Gabrielle C. Goham

Working Knowledge

Paul Castronovo and Wayne Positan untangle employment disputes from opposite endsFeaturing Wayne J. Positan, …

The Scout

Jim Matthews uses his ballplayer grading scale for med-mal casesFeaturing James B. Matthews, III

The Game Changer

Tim Cavanagh turns lost causes into courtroom victoriesFeaturing Timothy J. Cavanagh

Unnecessary Roughness

Workers’ comp lawyer Benjamin Boscolo represents plumbers, bus drivers and Baltimore RavensFeaturing Benjamin T. Boscolo

Beer Man

Transactional business lawyer Adam Marshall knows business and brewsFeaturing Adam K. Marshall

Team David

David C. Friedman helps Summit Entertainment release the Twilight series and more

Dallas Maverick

Gayla Crain wanted to work at a new kind of law firm, so she went and helped build itFeaturing Gayla C. Crain

Ice Man

Playing hockey as a kid taught Pascal Benyamini to never give upFeaturing Pascal Benyamini

The Right Fit

Former insurance defense lawyer and shoe salesman Robert Clayton finds his niche on the plaintiff …Featuring Robert R. Clayton

Bartholomew Dalton Doesn’t Want You To Hire Him

If you need his services, something has gone terribly wrongFeaturing Bartholomew J. Dalton

In Cicero’s Footsteps

Phoenix attorney Shawn Aiken on law, Latin and the perfect hazelnut cheesecakeFeaturing Shawn K. Aiken

Suzanne Cerra’s Better Way

She used to have bold ideas on how to run a firm; now she’s using themFeaturing Suzanne M. Cerra

Different Drummer

Antitrust attorney Amy Manning’s got the beatFeaturing Amy B. Manning


Jeffrey Nusinov used to fix what you used to wind on your wristFeaturing Jeffrey E. Nusinov

Searching for Sodom

Jeff Kobs is digging in Jordan for a biblical hotspotFeaturing Jeff Kobs

A Crushed Camera in Chile

Utahan John Pearce's travels abroad taught him to be grateful for freedoms at home

The Big Talker

Rick Grimaldi has opinions and isn't afraid to share them over AM radioFeaturing Rick Grimaldi

‘I Refuse to Hear She Died. The Blood Will Be on All Our Hands’

The pressure on immigration lawyer Elena ParkFeaturing Elena Park

O Solo Mio

When Marina Solo arrived in America 16 years ago, religious freedoms, and Halloween, were foreign …

Agreeing to Disagree

Some quick tips to tell if mediation is right for you

Featuring Howard R. Bartlett

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