Articles Written by Andy Steiner

Rich Fleischman

From Scrubs to the Courthouse

Law may be Mary Shearen’s second career—she started out as a nurse—but it’s her true calling

Featuring Mary E. Shearen

Divorce With Dignity

Family lawyer Debra Yerigan has a knack for making the transition bearable

Featuring Debra E. Yerigan

In a Word: Moxie

Linda Crook Martin tends to get what she wants

Featuring Linda Crook Martin

The Trailblazer

Jean Uranga took the LSAT on a dare and became one of the first female attorneys in Idaho

Featuring Jean R. Uranga

Thirteen Schools Before High School

Military brat Vickie E. Turner finds her home in San Diego and trial law

Featuring Vickie E. Turner

Batter Up

Mark Zebrowski helped create a baseball monument for his city

Featuring Mark C. Zebrowski

Written in the Cards

Like her literary heroes, Anne Ellefson's happy ending seemed predestined

Featuring Anne S. Ellefson

A Family Affair

What's it like to work every day with the person you wake up next to each morning? Or to settle …

Featuring Walker F. Crowson, …

Easy Lawyer

Harley-riding attorney R. Pete Smith mixes two-wheel adventure with a historic practice

Featuring R. Pete Smith

The Listener

Laura Clark Fey's secret weapon: her ears        

Featuring Laura Clark Fey

The Crusader

Paula Sweeney works (and works and works) for her clients        

Featuring Paula Fisette Sweeney

Change Agent

After more than four decades in practice, Susan Robfogel still enjoys a challenge        

Featuring Susan S. Robfogel

Post-It Man

Marschall Smith safeguards 3M's intellectual property   


Patent Pending

When IP attorney John Kenney isn’t protecting his clients’ inventions, …

Featuring John A. Kenney

Children's Crusader

After D. Kent Meyers saw the plight of children in the Oklahoma court system, he knew he had to …

Featuring D. Kent Meyers

Oil in His Blood

James C.T. Hardwick works with the stuff that moves the world

Featuring James C.T. Hardwick

The Selflessness of the Long-Distance Runner

Run 12 marathons in 12 months? no problem for Steve Gorny … as long as it’s …

Featuring Stephen M. Gorny

Domo Arigato, Mr. Miller

Marshall Miller brings Kansas City and Tokyo together

Featuring Marshall V. Miller

Hall of Famer

Fifty years after his athletic triumphs, Donald Schlapprizzi is still MVP

Featuring Donald L. Schlapprizzi

The Cleaner

Berry F. Laws III likes to handle messy cases


The Never-Ending Case

For a quarter century, Jeffrey Goldstein has been working the same case, pro bono


The Ballad of the Stolen Lyrics

Janice Leverett learned early on the value of intellectual property,when a song she wrote as a …


Top Gun

Whether in a cockpit at 3,000 feet or on stage with the Boston Pops, Alison Reif stays in control

Featuring Alison Foote Reif

Life (and Law) Begins at 40

Mary Alice McLarty took the long way to becoming a lawyer. But she’s made up for lost time.


Looking for YLLOGRL

Having grown up in Chinatown and armed with a law degree and a good mind, Judy Lam has a mission: …


Shattering Glass Ceilings

When Mary Ann Oakley began her law career, women were still a rarity in the profession


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