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About Bob Geballe

Bob Geballe is a longtime journalist based near Seattle. He has written for Washington Law & Politics and Super Lawyers for two decades, as well as for other local and regional publications. He has also worked for PBS NewsHour, Frontline, and network television stations in Seattle and Boston. He is a full-time high school teacher, specializing in science and visual media. In addition, he loves to hike, garden, cook and travel, and spend increasing amounts of time with his three grandchildren.

Articles Written by Bob Geballe

Building Trust

It’s just one of the lessons Geoffrey Brown learned during his tour of duty in Bosnia

The Atlas of Legal Aid

If Salvador Mungia had his way, ‘justice for all’ would be a given

Making Connections

Jeffrey Beaver has always brought people together; now he’s helping Sound Transit unite the …

Above Reproach

Why James Williams came to mind when the ACLU needed someone to spearhead a major access-to-justice …

The Many Lives of Janet George

The onetime blackjack dealer, pilot and prosecutor brings a lot—especially …

To Market, to Market

How Seattle attorneys gave us even more to love about the city’s favorite shopping …

The Road Less Traveled

Mark Kamitomo’s circuitous path to law

Finding Her Voice

In kindergarten, Tana Lin was punished for not speaking English. Today, she speaks for …

The Great Debater

Tacoma family law attorney Laura Carlsen can parry like nobody’s business

Defending the Mastros

Jim Frush has always lived for high stakes—and high peaks

Second-Generation Success

Intellectual property attorney Janet Kim Lin’s heritage is a source of strength

Champion of Peace

The explosive case that took David Mann to the U.S. Supreme Court

Employing Justice

Sheryl Willert defends bosses—and reminds them to play fair

The Analytical Mind of David E. Mills

Detail work is this Cleveland appellate lawyer’s forte

The Strategist

Stephen Graham takes battlefield strategy from Board game to boardroom

The Accidental Author

Steven J. Harper on law, letters and comedy

Crash Expert

Kevin Durkin cushions the blow for accident victims and their families

All Business …

… Her job description, that is. But real estate lawyer Jane Rakay Nelson is about more than …

Never a Dull Moment

If you think constitutional law is dry, you haven't met Stephen A. Smith

Sweet Spot

Steven Ungar hits his rhythm in the courthouse and on the drums        

The Family Man

For Shawn Menashe, no other kind of law feels like home       

Extreme Lawyers

The thrills and chills of the courtroom are not enough for these adventurous spirits

Helping Hands

Four local lawyers have a soft touch and a long reach

The Heat Is On

Fears over global warming are keeping local environmental attorneys busy 


Seth Fine never expected to find himself on the prosecutor’s side of the courtroom, …

Meet the Generalist

Maureen Hart kept sex predators locked up, fought for legal services for the poor, battled union …

Many Thanks

Five successful lawyers offer a few words of thanks for the mentors who got their careers on …

Giving Back

After hours, a lot of attorneys open their hearts and wallets to make their communities …

With Honors

Many Rising Stars have a cum laude or two under their belts. Are those resume …

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