Articles Written by Emily White

Scott Stewart

Defending People after the Worst Day of Their Life

Criminal defense attorney Margaret Sind Raben of Gurewitz & Raben shares stories of incorrect …

Featuring Margaret Sind Raben

Craig Mitchelldyer

Work, Life, Balance

Diane Polscer launched a small law firm when her daughter was three days old

Featuring Diane L. Polscer

Joshua Roper

This Property Was Condemned

Idaho land use lawyer JoAnn Butler talks sprawl, zoning and seeing the future

Featuring JoAnn C. Butler

Stan Kaady

The Art of Reversal

Appealing court decisions, Rhonda T. Chambers searches for the flaw in the reasoning and gets the …


Stan Kaady

The Need Factor

Elder law attorney Franchelle C. Millender on getting benefits to people who have fallen out of the …

Featuring Franchelle C. Millender

Something is Rotten in the Condo Complex

From Park Avenue to rural North Carolina, Daniel K. Bryson advocates for plaintiffs whose homes are …

Featuring Daniel K. Bryson

Roger Mastroianni

The Battle For the Next Best Thing

Patrick Perotti has collected more than $25 million for charity using the cy pres doctrine

Featuring Patrick J. Perotti

No Lies, Please

Criminal defense attorney John Colette tackles the tough cases—but expects clients to tell him …

Featuring John M. Colette

Shane Bevel

A Woman in a Room Full of Men

Is intellectual property law a boys’ club? Ask Tulsa’s Rachel Blue

Featuring Rachel Blue

Scott Stewart

Broke, But Not Broken

Ralph E. McDowell, bankruptcy attorney at Bodman PLC, talks about the supply and demand balancing …

Featuring Ralph E. McDowell

Craig Mitchelldyer

That Knock on the Door Might Be the FBI

Although his father was a police officer, David Angeli knew he was destined for criminal law from …

Featuring David H. Angeli

Michael Gaskell

Getting Old, Getting Fleeced

Kim Boyer Is ON THE CASE

Featuring Kim Boyer

Stan Kaady

LaBella Alvis Will Try Almost Anything

Just don’t ask her to play the piano for you

Featuring LaBella S. Alvis

Stan Kaady

No Time to Waste

Celeste Jones is well-known for her expertise in health care litigation. She is also the go-to …

Featuring Celeste T. Jones

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