Articles Written by Erin Gulden

An Ocean of Experience

Nevada's Miranda Du knows the value of education


How a Mysterious Stranger Changed Yolanda Garcia’s Life

A classroom visitor supplied the key to a college education

Featuring Yolanda C. Garcia

A Song for Justice O’Connor

Brett Busby clerked—and played violin—for the Supreme Court


Rehabbing the System

Jim Grossman fights for the disabled and the organizations that help them       

Featuring James S. Grossman

The Lawyer Is IN

Family law attorney John Karanian was once a shrink for the CIA        

Featuring John K. Karanian

Marathon Man

Harvey Levine goes the distance        


Sticks, Kicks and Suits

Whether he's sparring in the dojo or the courtroom, Craig Andrews plays to win        


The Redoubtable Ms. Crittenden

Judy Crittenden doesn't take no for an answer  

Featuring Judith S. Crittenden

Gimme Shelter

Carol Stewart finds homes for canines and humansJudy Crittenden doesn't take no for an answer     …


Selma Bound

Who says you can't go home again? Not Terri Sewell.  


The Advocate

A battle with cancer brings Judith Todd closer to her clients        


The Accidental Lawyer

The law chose George Cauthen; now he chooses to give back

Featuring George B. Cauthen

In the Middle of History

With a half-century of experience, Jack Middleton knows what he’s doing

Featuring Jack B. Middleton

Ice Capades

How Paul Bourdeau helped grow the sport of women’s hockey, two players at a time

Featuring Paul L. Bourdeau

Call of the Wild

Critters brought North Dakota’s Wick Corwin into law. Now he is returning the favor


First Lady

Linda Lea Viken helped pave the way for South Dakota women in law

Featuring Linda Lea Viken

The Compassion of Brownrigg

When Nebraska lawyers need help, they turn to John Brownrigg

Featuring John C. Brownrigg

A Man for All Religions

Kelly Shackelford fights for people of faith


The Lawyer Who Takes Your Temperature

Gretchen Colter moonlights as a nurse

Featuring Gretchen Ann Colter

A Change is Gonna Come

It was the law or the cloth. Ernest Calderón knows he made the right choice

Featuring Ernest Calderón

The Man Behind the Camera

Michael Rader wants you to be informed on Middle East issues

Featuring Michael N. Rader

Ms. Pence Comes From Washington

Linda Pence has been a top Indiana attorney since earning her stripes at the …

Featuring Linda L. Pence

Man Around Town

Thomas Bodkin enjoys life and work in small-town Indiana


The Supreme Thrill

These six attorneys argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring Paul L. Hoffman, …

The Son Also Rises

Robert Kerrigan has gone from errand boy to name partner at his father’s firm

Featuring Robert E. Kerrigan, Jr.

The Disgraces of Death Row

Neal Walker brings justice to what he calls an unjust system


Attorney By Day, Blogger By Night

Ernie Svenson’s double life

Featuring Ernest E. Svenson

My Son, the Non-Doctor

Michael Guanzon shames his family by becoming a lawyer

Featuring Michael C. Guanzon

Risky Business

Sunah Park went from being an entrepreneur to advocating for entrepreneurs


Lady Justice

Linda Balisle just wanted a part-time job; she wound up making new law

Featuring Linda S. Balisle

A Valuable Deduction

Tax attorney Eric Rothenberg invests in big-screen success

Featuring Eric P. Rothenberg

Good Wil Hunting

Wil Fluegel, is hard to find, but worth the effort

Featuring Wilbur W. Fluegel

Seeing Red

Scott Borene spends his days wrapped from head-to-toe in red tape

Featuring Scott M. Borene

Assisting the Asylees

Nancy Wolf realizes that for some, the U.S. is home; for others, it is a safe haven


Twins' Peak

Jonathan and David Wolfe grew up sharing everything from a face to a fraternity. Now they …

Featuring David B. Wolfe, …

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