Articles Written by G.K. Sharman

‘A Life of Fulfillment’

Michelle Roberts sees her hardworking dad in clients struggling for benefits they’ve …

Featuring Michelle L. Roberts

Job One

For Alan Nash, customer service can mean inspecting a crime scene—or teaching clients …

Featuring Alan C. Nash

A Novel Idea (or Two)

Anthony Perez, author of Second Wind, finds his second wind

Featuring Anthony M. Perez, Jr.

Scott Cook

If You Build It …

Kimberly Ashby just might be your attorney

Featuring Kimberly A. Ashby

Both Sides of the (BBQ) Bench

Personal injury defender—and brisket champion—Amanda Podlucky is halfway to …

Featuring Amanda J. Podlucky

‘They Had Already Hired One Woman’

The trials and tribulations of Florida’s first big wave of female lawyers

Featuring Patricia Ann Redmond, …

Scott Wiseman

‘Senator Silva’

Miami litigator Effie Silva focuses on business and health care law, but maybe someday …

Featuring Effie D. Silva

Lessons Learned from the Florida Housing Market Crash

What to keep in mind, now that property values are looking up


Traveling to Cuba: What to Know

Legal restrictions have eased, but aren't gone


Scott Wiseman

How Theodore Babbitt Turned His Life Around

A stint in the Marines lit a fire under the onetime underachiever

Featuring Theodore Babbitt

The Case Against Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Diana Friedman and Sherri Evans are recruiting their colleagues to guide low-income couples …

Featuring Sherri Evans, …

Scott Cook

Representing George Zimmerman

How Orlando attorney Mark O’Mara stays cool in the midst of chaos

Featuring Mark M. O'Mara

Scott Cook

Against the Odds

J. Cheney Mason wasn’t looking to represent arguably the most reviled woman in the U.S., but once …

Featuring J. Cheney Mason

Landmark Win

Miami lawyers Hilarie Bass, Elliot Scherker and Scott Rubin help overthrow a decades-old ban on gay …

Featuring Scott L. Rubin, …

Star Attraction

How a package of golf balls brought John Travolta to Mike Ossi’s doorstep

Featuring Michael A. Ossi

Gregory Mayback’s Intellectual Adventures

Who is this guy, a rocket scientist? As a matter of fact, yes

Featuring Gregory L. Mayback

Life Is a Cabernet

To Gregory Yadley, it's all about balance

Featuring Gregory C. Yadley

Donald Lykkebak’s High-Flying Career

If you're an astronaut accused of hunting down a romantic rival, he is the lawyer to call. Oh, did …

Featuring Donald A. Lykkebak

The Man Who De-Launders Money

Looking for the ultimate multicultural citizen? Meet Carlos Loumiet

Featuring Carlos E. Loumiet

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