Articles Written by Gretchen Roberts

Just Plain Fun

Christy Jones never wanted to be anything but a lawyer

Featuring Christy D. Jones

The Rabidly Polite Attorney

Scotty Welch on Katrina, juries and mandatory retirement       

Featuring W. Scott Welch

The Lawyer as Surgeon

Phillip Wittmann’s unshakeable poise and precise trial moves win cases for his big-business …

Featuring Phillip A. Wittmann

The Mississippi Advocate

Wayne Drinkwater represents big business for a living, but he lives to help the little guy

Featuring W. Wayne Drinkwater, Jr.

Perlman's Pearls

Peter Perlman explains how to prep a case, talk to a jury and dropkick a basketball

Featuring Peter Perlman

The Supreme Thrill

Three attorneys tell their stories of arguing before the nation’s highest court

Featuring John A. Lucas, …

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