Articles Written by Harris Meyer

‘A Lot of Chutzpah’

But octogenarian Bob Parks doesn’t fight—until he needs to


Special Force

After 50-mile marches and parachute jumps, former U.S. Army Ranger John Agnew may have been …

Featuring John D. Agnew

Scott Wiseman

Marilyn Holifield on Changing the World

The Miami lawyer’s accomplishments range from spurring prison reform in Georgia to …

Featuring Marilyn J. Holifield

Edward Linsmier

President for Life

Jeffrey Warren doesn’t like to talk about himself, but he came through for Steinbrenner, …

Featuring Jeffrey W. Warren

Corey Hengen

A More Inclusive Way

Maurice Grant makes it his business to boost diversity

Featuring Maurice Grant

Scott Wiseman

No Excuses

How Robert Wayne Pearce stared down personal disaster

Featuring Robert W. Pearce

Redstone Pictures

The Overdog

Barry Kaplan is a defense lawyer to the bone

Featuring Barry M. Kaplan

Scott Wiseman

Franchise Player

The quiet persuasiveness of West Palm Beach business litigator Sid Stubbs

Featuring Sidney A. Stubbs, Jr.

Redstone Pictures

The Big-Picture Man

Tacoma attorney Jack Connelly’s long-shot cases have triggered major reforms

Featuring John R. (Jack) Connelly, Jr.

Scott Wiseman

The Incredible Journey of Stephen Zack

From privileged boyhood to impoverished youth to a year as the ABA’s first Hispanic president

Featuring Stephen N. Zack

Scott Wiseman

Fostering Hope

Howard Talenfeld is fighting for Florida’s most vulnerable kids

Featuring Howard M. Talenfeld

The Green River Killer’s Lawyer

Mark Prothero knows it’s a label that will stick


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