Articles Written by James Walsh

They must be guilty—they can barely speak English!

After seven years and about $2.5 million, Sarah Teachout helps to free two innocent men

How The Soviet Union Helped Make a Great Family Law Attorney

After Marjan Shansab’s harrowing escape from Afghanistan, nothing seemed impossible

Just a Closer Walk

After more than $250 million in wins, Ray Thomas found he was missing something—and it wasn’t …

Three Kings and a $25,000 Pot

Rick Daly found a novel way to finalize the deal—poker

The Republican from Harvard

Don't try to pigeonhole Chris Ward; you're sure to get him wrong

I Remember Mamaliga

For Andrei Iancu, the good ol' days are now


Patriotic clichés are easy to spout. But for three young Los Angeles-area attorneys, immigration …

In the Aftermath of Katrina

Two attorneys describe their post-hurricane legal work

Squeezing Terrorists' Bankbooks

Mark Werbner finds a novel way to fight terrorism

Dismantling OKBOMB

Sean Connelly put McVeigh away

The Laundryman Cleans Up

Stephen Susman keeps winning and winning and winning

The Deconstructionist

His clients — from Big Tobacco to nuclear weapons plants — aren’t always …

The Gold Standard

Capital One's John Finneran expects the best

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