Articles Written by James Walsh

They must be guilty—they can barely speak English!

After seven years and about $2.5 million, Sarah Teachout helps to free two innocent men

Featuring Sarah R. Teachout

How The Soviet Union Helped Make a Great Family Law Attorney

After Marjan Shansab’s harrowing escape from Afghanistan, nothing seemed impossible

Featuring Marjan Shansab

Just a Closer Walk

After more than $250 million in wins, Ray Thomas found he was missing something—and it wasn’t …

Featuring Raymond L. Thomas, Jr.

Three Kings and a $25,000 Pot

Rick Daly found a novel way to finalize the deal—poker

Featuring Richard D. Daly

The Republican from Harvard

Don't try to pigeonhole Chris Ward; you're sure to get him wrong

Featuring Christian J. Ward

I Remember Mamaliga

For Andrei Iancu, the good ol' days are now



Patriotic clichés are easy to spout. But for three young Los Angeles-area attorneys, immigration …

Featuring Olga Berson, …

In the Aftermath of Katrina

Two attorneys describe their post-hurricane legal work

Featuring Reilly Morse, …

Squeezing Terrorists' Bankbooks

Mark Werbner finds a novel way to fight terrorism

Featuring Mark S. Werbner

Dismantling OKBOMB

Sean Connelly put McVeigh away

Featuring Sean Connelly

The Laundryman Cleans Up

Stephen Susman keeps winning and winning and winning

Featuring Stephen D. Susman

The Deconstructionist

His clients — from Big Tobacco to nuclear weapons plants — aren’t always …

Featuring David M. Bernick

The Gold Standard

Capital One's John Finneran expects the best


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