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About Jerry Grillo

Jerry Grillo is an award-winning journalist who has written for Newsday, ESPN, Golf Magazine and Atlanta magazine, among others. For 14 years, he was senior and executive editor at Georgia Trend, where he helped transform the magazine into a leading business resource. His biography of Southern alternative musician Col. Bruce Hampton is slated for publication by the University of Georgia Press.

Articles Written by Jerry Grillo

Mister Legal Scholar

Don Samuel is the ‘walking legal encyclopedia’ whose cases make headlines

What Should a Company Do to Prevent Cyberattacks?

Advice from Georgia legal professionals

‘We Don’t Let Girl Lawyers Practice Up Here’

An oral history of women who persevered against sexism and discrimination to remake the legal …

The Professor

Chilton Davis Varner lives for teachable moments

Brave New Workplace

The legal advantages and disadvantages of managing a remote workforce

Last Will, New Testament

The search for the story behind the will that set Terry Franklin’s ancestors free

South Toward Home

Philip Kaplan makes legal history in Little Rock

Building on the Groundwork

The generation who came along five years after John Lewis and Diane Nash on the progress …

A Firm of One

It’s just Mark Chinn—and software

Crunching the Numbers of New York's Estate Tax Laws

Planning early can pay off in the end

The $500 Million Man

Saying “I’ll see you in court” to Pete Law is probably not the best way to …

The Best Lawyer Bobby Lee Cook Has Seen

What criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow knows can acquit you

Golden Opportunities

Brian H. Ratcliff takes on a new firm and the Arkansas Bar presidency

A Miracle in Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico

The American Immigration Lawyers Association comes to the aid of families targeted for …

Two Bobs and a King

How Brinson Askew Berry became the biggest firm in Rome

The Greg Maddux of Georgia Law

Tom Carlock isn’t intimidating; he just beats you

Feet on the Ground

Teri Plummer McClure ensures that UPS runs smoothly

The Possible Dream

Charles Kuck, lover of both Don Quixote and Atlas Shrugged, has five ways to reform immigration law

Supreme Decision

Leah Ward Sears is off the bench and in the game

The New King of Torts

Thomas Malone learned from losing; now he rarely does

Breaking Away

Ryan Pumpian on teamwork and the joys of finishing 10th

The Two Lives of Bernard Taylor

The successful trial lawyer was once an undercover narcotics cop in Detroit

The Deciders

Phaedra Parks and others talk about being young and hanging a shingle

Emch as in Mensch

Al Emch pilots the Jackson Kelly law firm like he did C-130s


Scott Holcomb helped draft the rules of engagement for Operation Iraqi Freedom; now he's …

The Greatest Lawyer in the World

Emmet Bondurant isn't the lawyer other lawyers want to hire; he's the lawyer other …

There She Is … A Plaintiff’s Lawyer

A former Miss North Carolina gets down to cases

Mr. Reed Goes to Washington?

Thanks to his parents’ sacrifices, Kasim Reed has opportunities in both law and politics

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