Articles Written by Jimmy Magahern

Brandon Sullivan

King of the Long Shot

Karl Tilleman is as sure a shot in court as he was on the court

Featuring Karl M. Tilleman

Brandon Sullivan

The First Lady

As Phoenix’s first lady, Nicole France Stanton fights bullying in her brother’s …

Featuring Nicole France Stanton

Brandon Sullivan

The Voice

Booker T. Evans Jr. speaks softly but powerfully for clients who might otherwise go …

Featuring Booker T. Evans

David Schmidt

Speaking the Language

James A. Ryan approaches business law as only a former NSA intelligence agent could: by decrypting …

Featuring James A. Ryan

David Schmidt


Arizona Justice Project founder Larry A. Hammond speaks about the cases that have “gut-hooked” …

Featuring Larry Hammond

David Schmidt

Perfect Balance

Pamela Overton Risoleo juggles high-stakes litigation, her family and empowering young women

Featuring Pamela Overton Risoleo

David Schmidt

All Along the Watchtower

Media lawyer and Dylan sound-alike David J. Bodney protects the media’s access to public records

Featuring David J. Bodney

Art Holeman

The Sailor

Legendary Phoenix defense attorney Larry Debus is equally adept at navigating sea currents and jury …

Featuring Larry L. Debus

Easy Rider

Marc Lieberman's whole life is an adventure. Even his seemingly sedate law practice

Featuring Marc R. Lieberman

The Bad Guys’ Good Guy

Tom Henze finds something to defend in Arizona's most notorious murderers and corporate …

Featuring Tom Henze

The Lawyer's Lawyer

Peter Baird is a legend in the Phoenix legal community—just don’t tell him that


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