Articles Written by Joe Mullich

Gregory Cowley

Trying History

How Dale Minami took on the U.S. government and rewrote an internment survivor’s story

Featuring Dale Minami

Moving Past Binary

Will Chuchawat cuts to the chase

Featuring Will S. Chuchawat

Dustin Snipes

The Lawyer Off Main Street

Juanita Brooks knows what to do with "a dry patent case"

Featuring Juanita R. Brooks

Dustin Snipes

The Trial Specialist

Jennifer L. Keller’s path to success came via odd jobs and public defense

Featuring Jennifer L. Keller

Gregory Cowley

From the Top

Elizabeth Cabraser tackles Volkswagen, Takata and Exxon—and seldom misses a drumming …

Featuring Elizabeth J. Cabraser

Dustin Snipes

Kornberg’s Bet

Jessie Kornberg makes connections and pursues justice at Bet Tzedek

Featuring Jessie Kornberg

Dustin Snipes


Craig McClellan argues complicated cases for two-minute minds

Featuring Craig McClellan

Gregory Cowley

The Lawyer Judges Wish They Could Clone

Rick Watters keeps his focus on the client—and his ego in check

Featuring Richard C. Watters

Tea With Ginsburg, Hiking With O’Connor

Two attorneys reminisce about their year clerking or the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring Katherine H. Ku, …

Dustin Snipes

The Two Sides of Koji Fukumura

The securities lawyer is a mix of laid-back Hawaiian and Philly street fighter

Featuring Koji F. Fukumura

Gregory Cowley

Annette Hurst: Defending Your Right to Skip Ads

How she got a judge to reject broadcasters’ demands for an injunction against DISH Network

Featuring Annette L. Hurst

Frank Rogozienski

Fitzgerald’s Trumpet

When Ken Fitzgerald isn’t repping the San Diego Chicken or cross-examining bad actors, he …

Featuring Kenneth M. Fitzgerald

Gregory Cowley

Who Would Rosie Hire?

Jean K. Hyams is all about making sure her clients get a fair shake in the workplace

Featuring Jean K. Hyams

Gregory Cowley

Firm Values

For Morrison & Foerster, pro bono work is more than just a priority

Featuring Diana B. Kruze

Dustin Snipes

Life After Life Without Parole

Marshall Camp successfully argued the first case under the Fair Sentencing for Youth Act

Featuring Marshall A. Camp

Dustin Snipes

The Contrarians

Aitken•Aitken•Cohn takes on Disneyland, mountain lions, and hit-and-run executives

Featuring Wylie A. Aitken

Gregory Cowley

How Jeff Lawson Doubled His Lifetime

An unlucky draft number proved transformational for the San Jose environmental lawyer

Featuring Jeffrey S. Lawson

Gregory Cowley

Extraordinary Abilities

Julie Pearl leads Pearl Law Group’s pro bono charge on immigration cases

Featuring Julie C. Pearl

Frank Rogozienski

The Ownership Society

What makes Andrews Lagasse Branch & Bell work?

Featuring Jennifer Sarkozy Branch, …

Dustin Snipes

Across the Aisle: Linda Miller Savitt and David deRubertis

The two employment attorneys share alma maters and a big-picture perspective; but their …

Featuring Linda Miller Savitt, …

Gregory Cowley

Friending Ted Ullyot

Facebook’s first general counsel participates in hackathons, runs races, and brings the legal and …


Dustin Snipes

Billion-Dollar Man

Commercial real estate lawyer Stuart Graiwer navigates the global financial meltdown

Featuring Stuart A. Graiwer

Frank Rogozienski

The Defense (Never) Rests

John H. Gomez was already a top trial lawyer; then he went back to college—Gerry Spence’s

Featuring John H. Gomez

Dustin Snipes

The Calming Force

Why Michael Tuchin calls bankruptcy ‘the emergency medicine of law’

Featuring Michael L. Tuchin

Dustin Snipes

Disney’s GC Works His Magic

Alan Braverman, general counsel at The Walt Disney Co., has an instinct for what’s around the …


Gregory Cowley

Common Touch

Terry McMahon’s working-class roots helped make him an uncommonly good IP attorney


Felix Sanchez

Bleeding Dodger Blue

Recent Texas transplant Victoria Cook has already made a splash in the McCourt divorce case


Frank Rogozienski

Mr. Fix-It

When lawyers have a mess on their hands, they call Charles Sevilla

Featuring Charles M. Sevilla

From O.J. to Skilling

Dan Petrocelli on how to handle the high-profile cases

Featuring Daniel M. Petrocelli

The Professor of Defamation

When the Queen of Soul—yes, Aretha—felt she was libeled, she called Michael Niborski

Featuring Michael J. Niborski

The Fencer

Why Claudette Wilson chooses artful over aggressive

Featuring Claudette G. Wilson

The Smoking Gun Detective

The understated, underrated Mark Robinson’s outrageously creative research pays dividends

Featuring Mark P. Robinson, Jr.

The Million-Dollar Man

Mike Kelly is a very funny man. But facing him in court is no laughing matter

Featuring Michael A. Kelly

The Gladiator

Cynthia Chihak's eat-what-you-kill philosophy

Featuring Cynthia Chihak

It’s Hot When You Face the Broiler

Bruce Broillet knows how to weave dreams and win cases

Featuring Bruce A. Broillet

The Supreme Court Whisperer

Jean-Claude André's high court trifecta        

Featuring Jean-Claude Andre

Why Did Carol Burnett Sue Over That?

Jean-Paul Jassy and the fight for free speech  

Featuring Jean-Paul Jassy

Tough Guy

The unfazeable Robert Murphy

Featuring Robert L. Murphy

The Prosecutor Gonna Knock You Out

Amy Dinn fights hard, on skates and in the courtroom

Featuring Amy Catherine Dinn

The Max Factor in Mediation

Bringing beauty to the business of law

Featuring Max Factor III

Michael Baroni Hates Big Law Bills

By keeping lawsuit costs low, and thinking like a businessman, this general counsel has presided …

Featuring Michael L. Baroni

Seeking Asylum

Whether he’s representing a princess or an accused terrorist, San Diego's Jonathan Montag fights …

Featuring Jonathan D. Montag

The Magician of Hopeless Causes

Welcome to the Winston McKesson files of formerly lost cases

Featuring Winston K. McKesson

Portrait of the Lawyer as a Young Arts-Lover

Mitch Mitchell doesn't just represent artists and writers, he is one himself


The 5-foot-1-inch Giant-Killer

How diminutive Debra Yang took on L.A.’s bad guys and won

Featuring Debra Wong Yang

Don't Mess with the Bulldog

Jeff Lenkov’s clients love him, and it’s not just because of the pet rocks

Featuring Jeffrey M. Lenkov

A Perfect Storm

Bill Jackson had to make a tough decision: stick by his client or stick up for his …

Featuring William J. Jackson

Spider-Man's Savior

Carole Handler’s very apt appellation

Featuring Carole E. Handler

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