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The Two Epiphanies of Bonnie Eskenazi

Clients compare the entertainment attorney to Evander Holyfield and the T-100

The Polunsky Unit

Allan Polunsky has a Texas death row facility named after him and doesn’t mind

Getting Around the Normal Armor Involved in Litigation

Mark Mueller adds Eastern thinking to the Western practice of law

Reign Man

Chris Smith takes on Ike and Rita       

Love Be a Lawyer Tonight

When he isn’t writing legal briefs, Jeffrey Abrams pens wedding ceremonies and …

Picking His Place

Geronimo Rodriguez left the picking fields to go to high school; by age 22 he was working for …

Beyond the Bar

Tom Barnard does his best work outside of the office – and the country

The 50 Masks of Judson Pierce

For Judson Pierce, the play’s the thing

All the World is Jeff Lewis’ Stage

A former football hero/movie star shines in his role at Holland & Knight

Cherry on Top

Bill Clinton's pal Mike Cherry is a Chicago legend

Doing a Good Turn Daily

Eagle Scout John Pyfer Jr. doesn't just help old ladies cross the street

Reluctant Hero

Before Richard Deane came along, the Macon school system was segregated and pimps were thriving …

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