Articles Written by Kathryn DeLong

Ross Van Pelt

Alex Shumate on Taking Care of Business

The Columbus lawyer puts public policy to work for his clients

Featuring Alex Shumate

Family Matters

Barbara K. Roman is all about minimizing the trauma of breakups

Featuring Barbara K. Roman

Ross Van Pelt

Champion of Diversity

Employment attorney Carl D. Smallwood is all about opening doors

Featuring Carl D. Smallwood

Ross Van Pelt

The Craftsman

Charles Faruki practices simplicity in complex business litigation


Ross Van Pelt

The Crisis Preventer

From the FTC to P&G, Deborah Platt Majoras keeps consumers in mind


The Consensus Builder

Carol Rolf is a real pro at health care law—and at finding common ground

Featuring Carol Rolf

Cleaning Up

Maritime lawyer Richard Ogrodowski goes from part-time janitor to full-time partner

Featuring E. Richard Ogrodowski

From Brussels to Cleveland

While practicing law in Belgium, Eaton Corp.’ s Mark McGuire learned to improvise 


‘Don’t Let It Happen Again’

Terrence M. Connors on the challenge and responsibility of personal injury law

Featuring Terrence M. Connors

The Pope, The Prince and Mickey Pohl

The key to his success? He treats everyone the same

Featuring Paul M. Pohl

Serving a Higher Power

Whether her client is the U.S. government or a convicted mobster, Carole Rendon is always working …


Eddie Edwards’ Field of Dreams

To him, life is just one long fantasy camp

Featuring Edwin L. Edwards

Defending the “Indefensible”

Alleged terrorists, accused cops: Joseph M. LaTona defends them all  

Featuring Joseph M. LaTona

In The Ring With Jerry McDevitt

He's who Vince McMahon calls when the WWE is up against the ropes        

Featuring Jerry S. McDevitt

Legal Drama

Mark J. Mahoney plays it straight

Featuring Mark J. Mahoney

True to His Schools

Eric Johnson gets gold stars from his school district clients

Featuring Eric J. Johnson

The Supreme Thrill

Three attorneys share their experiences in front of the nation’s highest court

Featuring Graydon D. Luthey, Jr., …

The Barrister

Tony White is still scoring from way downtown

Featuring Anthony C. White

Demolition Man

The ambulance chases Donald S. Scherzer

Featuring Donald S. Scherzer

Get on the Bus

Concerned by the lack of political interest among young Americans, Tracy Turoff decided to get …


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