About Katrina Styx

Katrina Styx is an editorial assistant and writer at Super Lawyers. She attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where she earned a degree in English-Literature and a minor in journalism. 

Articles Written by Katrina Styx

Can I lay off my furloughed employees?

Legal considerations employers need to be aware of

The Rainbow Connection

Linda Balisle doesn't know how she'd curb childhood trauma without the help of a Madison …

What Can You Do If Your Lease Looks Unfair?

Missouri real estate attorneys give tips for tenants

To Practice with Integrity

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cara Nicklas is helping fight corruption

Taxpayer Options to Make Peace with the IRS

From amended returns to audits in New York

Gold Glove Defense

How Robert S. Fink kept Yankees legend Mickey Mantle out of IRS trouble

How to Sue If You're Assaulted by Police or Prison Guards

Your civil rights when it comes to police brutality in Massachusetts

Navigating Court Closures During the Pandemic

Massachusetts' Bar Association president shares advice and resources for attorneys

'Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant'

DeVaughn Ward exposes shady prison practices

Facing the Fear

When the pandemic hit, Lori Becker geared up to help as an emergency responder

Washington's Inaugural Address

MBAWNY helped Sarah Washington as a law student; now she’s paying it forward as its next …

Foreign Affairs

Esther Agbaje’s path to the law included managing rule-of-law projects in the Middle East

The Data's in the Details

Scott Flaherty challenged Hennepin County on its data practices—and won

Can the Government Take My Property Via Eminent Domain?

What Washington landowners should know to protect their rights

How Does Working From Home Impact My Rights?

Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, employers must still provide reasonable accommodations

Five Minutes to 5 on a Friday

Kathryn Smith Root helps families by building bridges across borders

30,000 Things She Didn't Expect

Working in the public sector taught Gay Woodhouse to find the right people

Can I Negotiate My Eminent Domain Case in Florida?

Getting an attorney early on can get you a better settlement

Your Rights When You've Lost a Custody Battle

A Delaware attorney addresses some common misconceptions

Common Misconceptions About Legal Custody

A Delaware attorney explains aspects of the law

Do I Need a Patent to Sell My Idea?

How to protect your rights when capitalizing on your intellectual property in Virginia

Can My Employer Force Me to Work During 'Shelter-in-Place'?

The law offers some potential protection, but there’s no easy answer

Mr. Original

John B. Draper faces down a water law tsunami

Should You Consider Adult Adoption?

An Indiana attorney discusses some legal considerations

Can I Take Legal Action if I'm Receiving Pervasive Robocalls?

How to protect yourself from illegal robocalls in California

How do I know if my vote is being obstructed in Ohio?

Protect your rights by understanding common ways your vote can be denied

How has COVID-19 Affected Laws Regarding Telemedicine?

It's easier to provide and access, but lighter restrictions may not last

What is a Lawyer, Anyway?

Understanding legal lingo

How Do I Find a Lawyer, And How Much Will it Cost?

Resources to help you search and factors to consider

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