Articles Written by Kenna Simmons

How to Prepare for Business Bankruptcy

Georgia attorneys give their advice


Courtroom Confidential

How Steve Sidman serves his celebrity-chef clients

Featuring Steven S. Sidman

His Father and Atticus Finch

Joseph Beck’s book is more than just family history


Stan Kaady

O, Solomiany!

Marvin Solomiany is a family law attorney with a fascinating family history

Featuring Marvin L. Solomiany

Stan Kaady

Change Agent

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy was mentored by some of the biggest names in Georgia law; she’s …

Featuring Allegra J. Lawrence-Hardy

Stan Kaady

The Muckraker

Linley Jones represents the ultimate “little guy”—someone who wants to sue a lawyer

Featuring Linley Jones

Jeff Cravotta

‘You’re Just Here to Find a Husband’

An oral history of the first group of female attorneys in North Carolina in the 1970s

Featuring Arlene J. Diosegy, …

The Wave

An oral history of the first group of female attorneys in Georgia in the 1970s

Featuring Susan A. Cahoon, …

Stan Kaady

The Master Storyteller

‘Talk to no one except Edward T.M. Garland!’

Featuring Edward T.M. Garland

Stan Kaady

Family Matters

When breaking up is hard to do, Randy Kessler is the man to see

Featuring Randall M. Kessler

Lawyer in the Mist

Richard Horder represents developers, protects gorillas and searches for common ground

Featuring Richard A. Horder

The Man Who Wouldn’t Wait

Why William B. Hill Jr. talks to Juanita

Featuring William B. Hill, Jr.

The Squire of Muscogee County

James Butler is as prepared as Winston Churchill and as down-to-earth as Atticus Finch

Featuring James E. Butler, Jr.

Georgia's Favorite Nephew

Lawton Jordan grew up at Camp David. So why is he disillusioned with politics?

Featuring R. Lawton Jordan III

The Bobby Lee Cook Show

Meet the seersuckersuit-wearing, hot-dog-eating, huge-fee-charging Summerville lawyer who may …

Featuring Bobby Lee Cook

A Cause to Fight For

Gayle Abramson Csehy talks about that case, and the case for which she'd …

Featuring Gayle Michelle Abramson

Straight Up and Unshaken

Richard Mithoff “just goes down to the courthouse and does it”

Featuring Richard Warren Mithoff

A Bronx Tale

Malik Cutlar’s route to the law was a paper route


The Children's Crusader

Don Keenan almost gave up on the law because he stopped caring; now he cares so much he often …

Featuring Don C. Keenan

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