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Super Lawyers articles and stories are assigned, edited and fact-checked using the highest journalistic standards—as evidenced by the dozens of awards we’ve won from the Society of Professional Journalists and other industry organizations. Attorneys who are consulted and interviewed for these stories are all from the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists. For details on the Super Lawyers selection process, see here.

Articles Written by Kevin Featherly

Smart From the Heart

Employment law attorney Sheila Engelmeier aims to make a difference as pragmatically as possible

Font of Wisdom

Mike Fontham has saved Louisiana consumers more than a billion dollars

The Change of Heart of Don Nichols

For years he was a leading DWI defense lawyer but suddenly stopped to handle employment class …

Barristers of the Ballot Box

How five Wisconsin lawyers got involved in the political process

Lawyers of the Sky

Attorneys at the intersection of aviation and law

The Fine Line Between Mercy and Murder

Rick Simmons defends a doctor accused of post-Katrina ‘mercy killings'

Home of the Brave

Three attorneys tell of serving their country

Steven Voigt’s Quest to Renew America

In conservative principles he trusts

Home of the Brave

Three attorneys tell of serving their country        

The Tattler

Hydro-bikers, multitasking meatheads and more

Don't Fence Him In

John Nethery went from computer engineering to law—and almost into outer space

Second Career, First Love

Jeffry L. Weiler and Richard A. Killworth married their old professions with their new calling

Master of Disaster

Jim Tyrrell has argued in court against Agent Orange victims and 9/11 survivors. Why?

The Supreme Thrill

Three attorneys tell what it’s like to appear in front of the nation’s highest …

The Supreme Thrill

Four attorneys share their experiences in front of the nation’s highest court

Team Player

He helped bring the Colts to Indianapolis. He’s defended corporate and sports …

The Wrong Men

Tim Howard and Gary James spent 26 years proclaiming their innocence. James Owen forced the system …

The Matchmaker

Ajay Jindia knows someone who knows someone

The Kindly Counselor

Steve Hartman helps clients stay out of jail and rebuild their lives

The Suicide Lawyer

To be or not to be. That is the question

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