Articles Written by Kevin Salzman

Massachusetts’ New Earned Income Tax Credit and Your Tax Return

Qualification considerations and what you can expect


Too Sick to Work?

Understanding the new Earned Sick Time Law in Massachusetts


What to Know about Open Carry Laws in Texas

The new law has created questions among handgun owners who possess a concealed handgun …


Minnesota’s Trust Law Overhaul: What to Know

How the new law affects a key part of estate planning


Florida’s New GPS Law and Where It Applies

Private citizens who use GPS devices against others now face criminal prosecution and …


Rules on Fencing Property in Pennsylvania

Considerations for before you decide to build


AirBnB Rental Rules in Jersey City

What to know before you pay to sleep in someone’s home or on their couch


Is Bankruptcy the Right Solution for Your Financial Woes?

What to consider when facing bankruptcy in New Jersey


Your Rights Under the California Fair Pay Act

What the law means for employees and employers


What to Know About the New Warrant Requirements for Electronic Communications

California’s new law increases privacy protections for individuals


The State of DUI Law in Illinois

How new laws in Illinois affect drivers facing the consequences of a DUI arrest and …


How to Make Payday Loans Work for you Instead of Against You

Avoiding problems with payday loans in Illinois


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