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Super Lawyers articles and stories are assigned, edited and fact-checked using the highest journalistic standards—as evidenced by the dozens of awards we’ve won from the Society of Professional Journalists and other industry organizations. Attorneys who are consulted and interviewed for these stories are all from the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists. For details on the Super Lawyers selection process, see here.

Articles Written by Larry Rosen

Team Players

Stubbs Alderton’s Preccelerator program is a legal boon for the tech boom

When Lawyers Need Lawyers

Karen Goodman defends attorneys facing malpractice claims; Bill Gwire puts them in the hot seat

Comfortable in Sacramento

Gary L. Bradus brokers 9-figure deals, but at heart he’s a ‘small-town’ kind of guy

The Oracle

Geoff Howard orchestrates Oracle’s landmark case against fellow tech giant SAP

The Change Agent

Josh Floum helped Visa unify its business and continues to guide the company as currency evolves

Veen, Vidi, Vici

Bill Veen has traveled a long way since his days in Satan's Chauffeurs

The Wikipedia Zeitgeist

Why Mike Godwin disowns his own content

Jerry Falk Almost Always Gets the Last Word

It's so much fun winning appeals for clients  

Home of the Brave

Three Indiana attorneys who have served their country in the armed forces tell their tales

Mr. Gillin Goes to Orinda

A '60s Norman Vincent Peale survives. No-thrives

The Last Hope

Dennis Riordan, who likes underdogs, takes on a mad-dog case

Go, Bill Baten, Go!

Bill Baten may be the world’s fastest mediator

Taking Down an American Icon

Larry Feldman takes on "bet-the-farm" cases, including one against Michael …

Ministering to Multitudes

Oliver Howard and his “big tent” theology

Superhero in High Heels

Purse-snatchers beware: Erin Donovan is on the case

The Man Who Hates Injustice

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world and Jim Brosnahan fights back

The Pugilist

The three biggest things to hit Pensacola just might be Jesus, Hurricane Ivan and Fred Levin

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Water law attorney Anne Castle deals with the lifeblood of Colorado

The Amazing Life of Dean Barnhard

From the circus to the law to the pit stop at Talladega, Barnhard has done it all

Does Brian Panish Ever Lose?

A recent win against the City of San Francisco brngs his $1 million win total past the 100 …

Glass' Menagerie

Fred Glass fights for a new home for the Colts, among other things

The Attorney Who Built a Practice on a Single Case

Between his baseball games, watching over his restaurant, and a few years of ducking …

The Long Strange Trip of Mr. Silk

On his way to becoming a lawyer, Richard Silk stopped for rock stardom and the bass fishing circuit

Making Cleveland Cleveland

Fred Nance is helping push Cleveland to the top ranks of American cities

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