Articles Written by Lindsay Kramer

Yes, Texas Police Can Take Your Possessions

How civil asset forfeiture works


Are Criminal Background Checks Discrimination?

They can be used for hiring decisions in Texas, but with discretion


Texas Marijuana Possession Laws Primer

The penalties depend on how much you have and why


What to Do if your Employer Wrongfully Terminated You

Even in an at-will employment state, workers have rights


Does Law Enforcement Need a Warrant to Search Your Cellphone?

Warrant requirements and civil rights violations with mobile devices


Employer Requirements Regarding Reasonable Accommodation

Individuals with disabilities have the right to accommodations in the workplace


Stop and Frisk in Texas: Is It Legal?

What are my rights if I’m stopped and questioned?


Are Noncompete Agreements Enforceable?

Texas companies have the right to protect their investment in workers (within reason)


Arrested for DWI, Now What?

The penalties and how to fight a conviction in Texas


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