Articles Written by Marc Ramirez

After the Storm

Local law firms pitched in to help Houston recover from Harvey’s wallop

Featuring Vuk Vujasinovic, …

A Better Person

Jason Steed on making time to lend a helping hand

Featuring Jason P. Steed

The Deal-Maker

Rodrigo Dominguez’s negotiating skills are helping change the energy game in Latin …

Featuring Rodrigo Dominguez-Sotomayor

Felix Sanchez

Seeing the Big Picture

When a charity needs a little help, four Beaumont attorneys are ready to jump in and get it …

Featuring Sandra F. Clark, …

The Dronemaster

How ‘gadget nerd’ Coyt Johnston became an expert in unmanned vehicles

Featuring Coyt R. Johnston, Jr.

Turning Lives Around

Jeff Barnes fights for refugees and troubled teens

Featuring Jeff Barnes

Land Lover

Natural resources attorney Tom Paterson wrangles cattle—and government agencies—to …

Featuring Thomas W. Paterson

Andrew B. Sommerman Wants You to Vote

Why the Dallas attorney tackled Texas’ tough election-ID law

Featuring Andrew B. Sommerman

Jeremy Enlow

Not Playing the Safe Card

For health care lawyer Richard Cheng, that’s the one to avoid

Featuring Richard Y. Cheng

Jeremy Enlow

Hopeless Romantic

Natalie Gregg is a lover of fairytale endings ‘trapped in a divorce lawyer’s body’

Featuring Natalie Gregg

Jeremy Enlow

At Your Service

Lessons learned as an Air Force captain have inspired Jeff Whitfield’s litigation practice—and …

Featuring Jeff E. Whitfield

Success Stories

Bankruptcy attorney John Kozyak pairs minority students with law-industry mentors

Featuring John W. Kozyak

Wayne Hogan: Driven to Action

The Jacksonville attorney works to keep teens focused on the road

Featuring Wayne Hogan

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