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Faithful Practice

L. Martin Nussbaum and Charles Goldberg represent churches, mosques, temples

Googling Kent Walker

Life as Google’s top lawyer is a crucible filled with extraordinary demands. He …

Can Paxil Cause Birth Defects?

Sean Tracey looks for the answer

Road Warrior

Dick Bowman has made a habit out of winning products liability trials for automakers

The Undefeated

In Roger Dreyer’s eyes, he’s never lost a case

Where There's Smoke, There's Sheller and Heim

How two Super Lawyers keep a friendship intact despite being on opposite sides of tobacco …

Does Captain America Live in Cleveland?

Defending peace and justice in Cuyahoga County

Being Religious: It's the New Coolest Thing

All across allegedly godless L.A., lawyers are finding solace in their religion

Mob Boss

Mild-mannered Jim Wooley takes on a real-life Tony Soprano

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