Articles Written by Michael Corcoran

Liza Farrow-Gillespie’s Heart Song

The lyrics tell of beating cancer, then sailing ‘round the world

Featuring Liza Farrow-Gillespie

Trey Crawford’s Vintage Venture

How a weekend wine-sipper turned his passion into an excellent cabernet

Featuring Tom Hill "Trey" Crawford, III

Detail Work

In Robin Russell’s world, practicing law and quilting are both fine arts.

Featuring Robin Russell

Jeremy Enlow

Far from Pearsall

How Manuel Berrelez worked his way from his hometown to Yale to Dallas

Featuring Manuel G. Berrelez

Jeremy Enlow

‘An Orderly Mind’

Austin litigator Stephen McConnico puts his straightforward style to work for clients ranging …

Featuring Stephen E. McConnico

On to the Next One

Jeff Blackburn is freeing one wrongly convicted Texan after another

Featuring Jeff Blackburn

Felix Sanchez

From DJ to J.D.

Former reporter, campaign manager and disc jockey Adam Milasincic holds one other title: No. 1 …

Featuring Adam Milasincic

Jeremy Enlow

Jessica Janicek’s Game Plan

The Southlake family attorney has already tackled 2 national headline-grabbing cases

Featuring Jessica Hall Janicek

Felix Sanchez

Coming to America

Gordon J. Quan helps shopkeepers, laborers and cooks step out of the shadows

Featuring Gordon J. Quan

Felix Sanchez

Shannon Schmoyer Finds Her Groove

Once an aspiring drummer, the San Antonio attorney discovered a new love in labor law

Featuring Shannon B. Schmoyer

Felix Sanchez

Moving Walls

The hard hats in personal injury lawyer Matt Matheny’s office are not for decoration

Featuring Matthew C. Matheny

Shane Bevel

On the Side of the Angels

Tulsa litigator Joe Farris’ clients range from laid-off employees to activists bent on scuttling …

Featuring Joseph R. Farris

Felix Sanchez

‘The Biggest, Baddest, Meanest Dog in the Yard’

If you ask Tony Buzbee, only losers are OK with losing

Featuring Tony Buzbee

Felix Sanchez

‘Coach Benny’ Fights Injustice

Microbiologist-turned-lawyer Benny Agosto Jr. is devoted to kids, soccer and underdogs

Featuring Benny Agosto, Jr.

Felix Sanchez

Austin Energy

Leslie Ritchie Robnett carries on a proud legal legacy in her oil-and-gas regulation practice  

Featuring Leslie Ritchie Robnett

Jeremy Enlow

The $100 Million Closer

Joel W. Heydenburk brings commercial deals across the finish line

Featuring Joel William Heydenburk

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