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About Nick DiUlio

Super Lawyers articles and stories are assigned, edited and fact-checked using the highest journalistic standards—as evidenced by the dozens of awards we’ve won from the Society of Professional Journalists and other industry organizations. Attorneys who are consulted and interviewed for these stories are all from the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists. For details on the Super Lawyers selection process, see here.

Articles Written by Nick DiUlio

All Eyes On Her

Rosemary Scapicchio wins long-haul cases for Sean Ellis and others

The Whole Picture

Tax lawyer Ameek Ponda combines the macro and the micro

Steady Under Pressure

Russell Beck excels when business disputes come in “short, fast and hot”

Changing the Balance

How Mala Rafik tips the scales toward plaintiffs in employee benefits litigation

An Everyday Guy from Dorchester

Neil Sugarman looks back on more than 50 years in the law

‘I Can Do That’

Elizabeth Ainslie has never met a case she didn’t want to try

Keep Calm and Litigate On

Lisa Arrowood wins cases with tranquil intensit

The Securities King of Pennsylvania

When millions of dollars are on the line, companies turn to Marc J. Sonnenfeld

Williams v. the Rubber Stamp

Family law litigator Allison C. Williams doesn’t sit in the sandbox and sing …

The Courtroom as Classroom

From tobacco to 9/11 to class actions, trial lawyer Donald Migliori creates change by …

Complementary Counsel

Mary Kohart likes trying cases, and her husband, Dean Phillips, likes settling them

Communicating in Ways No One Else Can

After helping his daughter gain access to education, Howard M. Klebanoff vowed to do the same for …

Out to Right the Wrongs

E. Drew Britcher is the antithesis of flashy and flamboyant

the Walt Disney Approach

How PI heavyweight Kathleen Nastri learned to simplify her trial arguments

Living It Completely

Trial lawyer Slade H. McLaughlin does nothing at half speed

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Eric Kahn and Rubin Sinins ‘make it right for Molly’ in the Tyler Clementi case

The Intercessor

Bud DeLuca on psychology, storytelling and helping clients be proactive

Calm in the Courtroom

Trial lawyer Bill Hangley wins cases with conversation and charm

True Devotion

Real estate lawyer Lloyd Tubman helps religious groups—and other clients—break down barriers

The Man Behind the Largest Pro Bono Effort in History

Leo Boyle knew everything would change after 9/11. He vowed to make some of that change positive

Protector of The Catcher in the Rye

Marcia Paul doesn’t relish being center of attention, but her clients, including J.D. Salinger, …

The Raconteur

When Shanin Specter speaks, med mal juries listen

Tenacious Defender

Carl Poplar is still tougher than anyone else

The Advocate

Lynette Labinger has made a career out of fighting for social change

We Can Hear Him Now

Verizon’s Randy Milch wins approval from the FCC to open up America’s long-distance telephone …

Lawyer, Uninterrupted

Although Shevelle McPherson’s adolescence ended abruptly, that didn’t stop her from …

Family Guy

Albert Momjian wrote the book on family law, literally

Walder’s Pond

Justin Walder doesn’t let winning or losing change his essential self (although he usually wins)

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