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Articles Written by Pat Evans

The Lawyer Who Unfriended Facebook

Conor Civins negotiated a settlement for Lamebook, which parodies the social-media giant

Cheaper to Call a Cab

Brent de la Paz on the new wave of DWI forensic law

The Closer

How Suzette E. Selden quietly eviscerates witnesses

Raising the Bar

Trial lawyer Ryan Zehl has a rare combination of tenacity and people skills  

The Puzzle Solver

How tax attorney Emily Parker became the first female managing partner in 125 years at Thompson & …

On the Job

Daniel N. Ramirez helps employers comply with immigration and employment laws regarding employee …

Defending Big Oil

Environmental litigator Rick Faulk sticks to the facts

The Lawyer Who transformed Texas Schools

How Mark Trachtenberg parlayed a great law school paper into billions for education

56 Years of Civility in Texas Law

You can overuse the Atticus Finch comparison—few people really deserve it. Jim Coleman does

The Tahoka Kid

Jeremy Brandon brought a little bit of West Texas to Harvard  

The Postmaster’s Daughter

Toto, we’re not in Wright City anymore

A Small Town's Big Fish

Craig Brown plays in the big leagues but lives in the small ones

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