Articles Written by Paul Nolan

Being Buffalo Bill

J. Gary Trichter channels a Western hero

Featuring J. Gary Trichter

A Lawyer in Love With Two Blind Disciplines: Justice and Wine-Tasting

Both Randy Roach and his wines have depth and good character

Featuring Robert M. (Randy) Roach, Jr.

Media Man

John Zieser represents publishing giant Meredith Corp.


Win or Lose. Then Draw

Marc Jacobs knows that people laugh at him. It's part of his job

Featuring Marc R. Jacobs

A Man in a Big Hurry

Patrick Avakian is hooked on speed

Featuring Patrick Avakian

Jacqueline Harding’s Emmy

How does a labor lawyer win television's highest honor?

Featuring Jacqueline J. Harding

That’s My Life Up There on the Stage!

For public defender John Littrell, the line between theater and real life got a little blurred

Featuring John Littrell

The Negotiator

Louis Kushner believes any two parties can reach a settlement

Featuring Louis B. Kushner

In the Strike Zone

James Cavanaugh's trial by fire at Hormel


The King of Dallas’ Homeless People

Jennifer King enlists the homeless in community service

Featuring Jennifer A. King

An Emmy for Jennifer

Jennifer Morris tells tales of unsung heroes


Growing Up in the Navy

Amy Jetel puts the skills she learned while in uniform to good use

Featuring Amy P. Jetel

Riding Passenger, For Fun and Profit

Chris Collins liked being a rock star, but he loves being a lawyer

Featuring Christopher D. Collins

Confessions of a Former Couch Potato

Lawrence Jacobson goes from the sofa to swimming with the sharks

Featuring Lawrence H. Jacobson

Conquering Cancer Together

Lori Loo and son Quinten work in tandem to beat an awful foe

Featuring Lori A. Loo

What to Expect from the Supreme Court

Eddie Lazarus' newest book reveals hitherto unknown machinations behind the nation's highest court


Barefoot in Bali

David Neale says deep sea diving makes him a better lawyer

Featuring David L. Neale

Around the World with Cargill

Steven Euller brings a wealth of international experience to his post       


From Woodward & Bernstein to Holme Roberts & Owen

A former investigative reporter advises newspapers on where to draw the line        

Featuring Roger R. Myers

The Confessions of a Political Turncoat

Jack Londen may be his family's (political) black sheep, but he's a liberal hero        


Old Lawyers Can Learn New Tricks

Ronald Rossi goes back to college in his 50s        

Featuring Ronald R. Rossi

Why Wayne Brady Would Make A Great Lawyer

Douglas Lief brings his improv skills to the courtroom  

Featuring Douglas J. Lief

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Dad checks in from Iraq  

Featuring Sharyn M. Fisk

The Accidental Do-Gooder

How Seth Levy fell into trying to save the world  

Featuring Seth D. Levy

The Tattler

Fantasy ballplayers, Ironmen and more  

Featuring Kevin R. Casey

George Hedges and the Lost City of Ubar Is Not a Movie Title: It’s His Life

How a curious entertainment lawyer became Indiana Jones


From the Courtroom to a Republic Pictures Ranch

Greg Stone is one of California’s last real cowboys

Featuring Gregory E. Stone

Far From the Ho Hum

Charles Rettig’s friendship with Don Ho was a meeting of like minds


From Watergate to Princetongate

Ronald Malone demands that people keep their word


Can You Be a Millionaire and a Marxist?

John Poswall wonders if ’60s idealism died with seven-figure salaries 

Featuring John M. Poswall

An African Queen

Cynthia Plevin works on behalf of Burundi’s women and children


Whom to Partner With for Your Family Law Practice? Family, Of Course

Scott Klopert and Debra Ravden practice family law. Doubly so.

Featuring Scott M. Klopert, …

It Takes an INS Lawyer to Know an INS Lawyer

Laura Wytsma devotes several hundred pro bono hours to immigration and asylum cases

Featuring Laura A. Wytsma

Being No. 1

Does being at the top of the class make any difference in life and law?

Featuring David Isaak, …

Fighting With All His Might

Trek Doyle put everything into his wife’s fight against leukemia

Featuring Trek C. Doyle

The Documentary Maker

Hilaree Casada’s five years of making movies gave her invaluable legal skills


It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll, But He Likes It

Daryl Lansdale and the Green Elephant

Featuring Daryl L. Lansdale, Jr.

An Attorney Who Admits That His Head is (Often) in the Clouds

Steven K. DeWolf and his 1943 PT-17 open-cockpit biplane

Featuring Steven K. Dewolf

A Double Brush With Greatness

Rufus Cormier has run into Nelson Mandela and the Clintons


Life’s Too Precious to Be a Bystander

Linda Addison in the daughter of two Holocaust survivors

Featuring Linda L. Addison

Roger Sanders' Peacemaking Experience

He proves something to himself in Iraq

Featuring Roger D. Sanders

Fear and Loathing on Aspen's Alps

Off the slopes, Gerry Goldstein palled around with Aspen neighbor Hunter S. Thompson

Featuring Gerald H. Goldstein

Paying It Forward with Black Dollars

James Payne's effort to promote black-operated businesses

Featuring James E. Payne

Defending Tookie

Sandra Smith Thayer recalls visiting Stanley “Tookie” Williams on San …

Featuring Sandra Smith Thayer

Commercial Litigation? Sometimes It's Downright Grisham-esque

Tellis became immersed in an investment fraud case involving a Middle East investment …

Featuring Roland K. Tellis

The People's Republic of Ginger

Ginger Heyman Pigott feels the legal world could use a few more rimshots

Featuring Ginger Heyman Pigott

Born to Serve

Providing free legal assistance to more than 10,000 low-income people is precisely what she had …


Irena Loves Art

Raskin combined her profession with her lifelong love of the arts

Featuring Irena Raskin

Our Man at the United Nations

When Robert O’Brien speaks, the world listens

Featuring Robert C. O'Brien

A G-Man Turns to Law

Daniel Hoffer traded his badge for a briefcase

Featuring Daniel P. Hoffer

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