Articles Written by RJ Smith

Dustin Snipes

The Calm Man in the Arena

For Ron Makarem, it’s about righting wrongs while enjoying the journey

Featuring Ronald W. Makarem

Roger Mastroianni

Mike Ungar’s Town

The business litigator is part of a Cleveland legal community that punches above its weight …

Featuring Michael N. Ungar

Don Ipock

The New Kid on the Block

From the Philippines to LA to St. Louis to KC, and now into new digs in …

Featuring Jose M. Bautista

Making a Life-Size Difference

The community’s need can be overwhelming, but Rachel Gusman just keeps chipping away

Featuring Rachel Gusman

Notes from Justice Souter

Clerking for a SCOTUS judge left a lasting impact on Riyaz Kanji

Featuring Riyaz A. Kanji

Public Access

Michael Nunez fights for the right of people of all abilities to enjoy the good things in …

Featuring Michael S. Nunez

Drawing on Experience

A little humor never hurts—just ask Kennewick litigator Jay Flynn

Featuring William J. Flynn, Jr.

Joshua Roper

The Long Commute

For David Nevin, the miles between Boise and Guantánamo Bay are secondary to justice for …

Featuring David Z. Nevin

Luigi Ciuffetelli

Kill ’em With Calmness

Before you know what hit you, Patti Dodge has opened you up

Featuring Patricia L. Dodge

Ross Van Pelt

Reflecting with Marie-Joëlle Khouzam

To this Columbus lawyer, it’s all about listening before jumping in

Featuring Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam

Don Ipock

Turning Over the Soil

Whether in law, cattle or politics, Todd Graves knows if you strategize too long, …

Featuring Todd P. Graves

Corey Hengen

Cream of the Crop

Cannon and Dunphy have built powerful legal careers from lessons they learned growing up in …

Featuring William M. Cannon, …

Justice Net

Why so many lawyers do pro bono work—and why so many people still slip through the …

Featuring Harry M. Reasoner, …

The Incredible Shrinking Jury Trial

For better or for worse—depending on your perspective—lawsuits and criminal cases …

Featuring Patrick J. Perotti, …

Scott Stewart

The Classic American Urban Story

“Lifetime Detroiter” Saul Green fights every day for his city and its people

Featuring Saul A. Green

The Green Team

The eco-friendly environs of the Romano Law Group

Featuring John F. Romano, …

Roger Mastroianni

Family Ties

How Craig Bashein helped the Chardon High victims’ families

Featuring W. Craig Bashein

Shane Bevel

Practicing Peace

For environmental lawyer and guardian ad litem LeAnne Burnett, it’s not about competition; it’s …

Featuring LeAnne Burnett

Square Shooting

Polsenberg’s Charge

Appellate lawyer Dan Polsenberg gets 15 minutes of fame—250 times and counting

Featuring Daniel F. Polsenberg

Shaun Ring

The Big Guy

Pierce Hamblin’s tactical weapons include humor, listening skills and powers of persuasion. Plus …

Featuring Pierce W. Hamblin

Scott Stewart

The Natural

Litigator E. Powell Miller loves the national pastime and has one of his own: winning …

Featuring E. Powell Miller

Jeff Green


Steve Morris is rooted in Las Vegas, and he knows the business infrastructure. He also knows what …

Featuring Steve Morris

Quadrant Photography

Find Something I Say That Isn’t True

Louisville litigator David Tachau dares his adversaries to find a hole in his story

Featuring David B. Tachau

Break It Down

Carol Dan Browning’s cases can get abstract, but she speaks to juries in concrete terms

Featuring Carol Dan Browning

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