Articles Written by Ross Anderson

Rick Dahms

Bankruptcy, Bach

Diana Carey’s talents range from tracking down fraud to tickling the ivories

Featuring Diana K. Carey

Rick Dahms

Zen and the Art of Criminal Defense

How Richard Hansen wins the cases he ‘has no business winning’


Redstone Pictures

‘We’ve Got to Get Kelly Corr’

Why Nirvana, Alaska Airlines and Hearst wanted him around; Bill Gates and Courtney Love, not so much


Redstone Pictures

The Rock Star

High-profile trials and links to headline-grabbers like Amanda Knox and Mary Kay Letourneau have …

Featuring Anne M. Bremner

Redstone Pictures

Picking Fights With Big Shots

That’s what Hoquiam attorney Paul Stritmatter does best—and the smart money’s on him

Featuring Paul L. Stritmatter

Redstone Pictures

Power Player

How David Burman helped decide a historic governor’s race

Featuring David J. Burman

Brad Smith 2.0

Microsoft’s GC on myths about the company, the financial crisis and why he wouldn’t amend the …

Featuring Bradford L. Smith

Q&A: Take This Job and Love It

Never mind the long hours and bottomless inbox; Brad Smith wouldn't trade his gig as Microsoft's …

Featuring Bradford L. Smith

The Friendly Foe

Trial lawyer John Chun is not your stereotypical pit bull in the courtroom. But make no mistake: …


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