Articles Written by Susan Shackelford

Stan Kaady


When Brent O.E. Clinkscale decides on a goal, he makes it happen

Featuring Brent O.E. Clinkscale

Jeff Cravotta

Dude, You Are So Dead

And other thoughts from no-nonsense litigator Sara Lincoln

Featuring Sara R. Lincoln

Stan Kaady

The Energizer

Terry Richardson keeps going and going and going …

Featuring Terry E. Richardson, Jr.

Stan Kaady

A Short History of Charleston’s Cherished Couple

Robert and Susan Rosen have spent decades uplifting the city

Featuring Robert N. Rosen, …

Jeff Cravotta

‘Our Atticus Finch’

How Morehead Scholar Wade Smith ushered in a new generation of criminal defense attorneys

Featuring Wade M. Smith

Stan Kaady


Whether facing racism, sexism or homophobia, M. Malissa Burnette doesn’t back down

Featuring M. Malissa Burnette

Stan Kaady

“You Will Become Like the People Around You”

Henry L. Parr Jr. finds himself at home and in good company

Featuring Henry L. Parr, Jr.

Jeff Cravotta

The Seventh Black Lawyer in Charlotte

James E. Ferguson II is fearless for his clients

Featuring James E. Ferguson, II

Jeff Cravotta

Getting Off the Slope

Bankruptcy attorney Christy Myatt helps clients—and skiers—get back on their feet

Featuring Christine L. Myatt

I. Wilson Baker

Cool Under Fire

Dawes Cooke represented The Citadel when Shannon Faulkner sought to become the first woman to …

Featuring M. Dawes Cooke, Jr.

The Fact Man

Family law attorney Rich Stephens keeps the details straight

Featuring Richard D. Stephens

The Buddy System

How John “Buddy” Wester’s disarming nature earned him a good name and the North Carolina Bar …

Featuring John R. Wester

Soldier for Civil Rights

Geraldine Sumter stays true to her mission

Featuring Geraldine Sumter

Major Leaguer

From asbestos to tobacco to 9/11, Ronald L. Motley has been at the center of the cases that …


The Sleuth

Jack Cobb’s detective work has earned him the trust of GOP heavy hitters (not to mention Bank of …

Featuring John H. Cobb

How Jack Walker Got His Groove Back

An estate planning attorney dusts off his brass

Featuring Edwin J. (Jack) Walker, Jr.

Another Kind of NASCAR Dad

Stokely Caldwell may be the only lawyer in North Carolina with a hunk of Jeff …

Featuring Stokely G. Caldwell, Jr.

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