Articles Written by Susan Wenner Jackson


How Brock Denton, Kelley Brandstetter Tracy and their KMK colleagues helped Cincinnati soccer …

Featuring D. Brock Denton, …

Family Recipe

Charles and Ellen Rittgers built a thriving firm together—and brought son Charlie into the …

Featuring Ellen B. Rittgers, …

Taking on Kim Davis

Louisville attorney Laura Landenwich sued the Rowan County clerk for refusing to issue marriage …

Featuring Laura E. Landenwich

Lessons from the Five-and-Dime

Lexington attorney Peter Perlman learned early in life that one person can have an outsized …

Featuring Peter Perlman

Ross Van Pelt

The Lawyer Lawyers Need

When a professional colleague gets in hot water, Alvin Mathews Jr. is on the case

Featuring Alvin E. Mathews, Jr.

Ross Van Pelt

It’s All Personal

When family law gets complicated, it’s good to have Phyllis Bossin in charge

Featuring Phyllis G. Bossin

Ross Van Pelt

Citizen of the World

How Martijn Steger created a top-rated international law practice based in an unlikely locale

Featuring Martijn Steger

From Courtroom Observer to Pete Rose’s Lawyer

Robert Pitcairn Jr., whose clients have also included the Cincinnati Bengals, doesn’t do anything …

Featuring Robert A. Pitcairn, Jr.

The Man To See

Super-connected trial attorney David Kamp built his career by being the ‘lawyer’s lawyer’

Featuring David P. Kamp

Play Ball!

George Yund hits home runs for Minor League Baseball

Featuring George E. Yund

The Scioto Redemption

Alphonse Gerhardstein helps protect Ohio's youngest prisoners

Featuring Alphonse A. Gerhardstein

A Different Kind of Defense

Three upstate attorneys talk about the high secrets and public hysteria that come with …

Featuring John J. Molloy, …

Deposition in Aisle 5

Hilary Vollmer, behind the scenes at the nation’s largest grocery chain


In Vino Veritas

Ashley Hess and Kevin Ghassomian raise their glasses to worthy causes

Featuring W. Ashley Hess, …

Mississippi Learning

A childhood visit to the Deep South helped propel Sharon Zealey into a life spent …


Taking It to the Streets

Katherine Cook Morgan sends law students back to high school to help teenagers make sense of …


One Kid at a Time

Kent Wellington connects children who need advocates with lawyers who can help — …

Featuring Kent Wellington

A Fearless and Ferocious Fraud Fighter

Crime doesn’t pay, but the criminals do — when Joseph Dehner goes after them

Featuring Joseph J. Dehner

Shattered Glass Ceilings

For Trish Smitson and Missy Wright at Thompson Hine, being a woman hasn’t stunted their …

Featuring David J. Hooker

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