Articles Written by Suzy Frisch

Tom Melsheimer’s Absolutely Irrational Level of Dedication

There’s a reason he’s the lawyer other attorneys don’t want to face in court

Team Player

Gordon Greenwood


Jeremy Rosen

The Jock

Vered Yakovee

Life After Emmy

Todd Harrison

Copyrighting Obama

Kristine Boylan helped protect an amateur photographer's college pics of the …

Nose for Business

Stephen Ling's past informs his present

Providing Closure

Employment attorney Nicholas May protected sheriff's department vets from retaliation

Joani Loves Family Law

Bringing calm to crisis is Joani Moberg's goal

The Big Sister

Ann O'Reilly is on the rise

Carrying the Burden

Steven Sitek is willing to settle, until his opponents aren't

The Scourge of KPMG

Compared with Michael Avenatti's previous work—politics under Rahm Emanuel—life in the …

Nu, So Sue

What keeps Nu Usaha motivated? A psychic paycheck

The Businessman’s Best Friend

Jeffrey Glassman had to lose a million dollars to learn how to become a success

Queen of the Thinking Kids’ Olympics

Donate hundreds of hours? Tammy Wood would—and did

The Lawyer Who Walks Death Row

Morris Moon tracks all 400-plus death row inmates in Texas.

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