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About Timothy Harper

Timothy Harper is an award-winning journalist, author and lawyer. He has written for The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Atlantic Monthly, among others. He’s also a collaborator, ghostwriter, and book doctor with a dozen books of his own, including License to Steal: The Secret World of Wall Street and the Systematic Plundering of the American Investor; and The Complete Idiot's Guide to the U.S. Constitution. He received his law degree from the University of Wisconsin and has taught in the journalism graduate schools at CUNY, Columbia and NYU.

Articles Written by Timothy Harper

Barry Berke Sees the Bullets

The famed litigator on trial prep, controlling the witness, and those impeachment hearings

How to Spot Signs of Caregiver Financial Abuse

And what an attorney can do to help in New York

The Closer

Steven Molo kept moving toward his perfect firm; then he created it

If Your Will Doesn't Include Your Digital Assets

Then your family members might be out of luck

What Happens When You Marry a Foreigner?

The hoops to jump through for a green card in New York

Banking on Rodge

H. Rodgin Cohen looks back at the Great Recession—and guesses where the next banking …

The Legal Complexities of Adoption

Tips for building families in New York

East Side Story

David Paget survived Lower East Side gangs to become New York’s go-to environmental …

Alan Zegas Plays the Bridge

His greatest hits have one thing in common: a Chris Christie chorus

Bases Covered

Jorden N. “Nick” Pedersen Jr. is on call for civilian contractors killed or injured …

‘A Real Inspiration’

Getting the deal done and keeping quiet about it, with Marcia L. Goldstein

Split Screen

Remi Spencer doesn’t just play a lawyer on TV

Practicality Over Profundity

Land use lawyer Diane Whitney is all about common-sense solutions

The Dean of the Employment Bar

Betsy Plevan’s career has been based on finding the right fit: for her, for her clients and for a …

Promise Keeper

Kevin H. Marino, involved in the Bridgegate and Flash Boys trials, doesn’t believe juries …

Diversity, not Divinity

Rotating careers and keeping true to self launched Don H. Liu

Appealing Appellate

How Kathleen M. Sullivan went from academia to the only female name partner among the 100 largest …

The First Filter

That’s what Charles Schwab calls his general counsel Carrie Dwyer

A Boardroom Lawyer

How Martin Lipton changed corporate law

Warrior Ethos

When representing disabled soldiers, Michael Pasquale never accepts defeat

Torch, Passed

Susan Brune represents a new generation of trial lawyers

The Internet Frontier

NBCUniversal’s Rick Cotton works to combat Internet piracy and protect content

Blue-Collar Ethics

Hard work—and a knack for presentation—make Raymond Gill Jr. a courtroom powerhouse

Stein’s Way

Joshua Stein, one of the first lawyers with a laptop, hangs a shingle midcareer

Big Deal

Julie Jacobs navigates the new media frontier at AOL

Keeping Divorce Civil

Lynn Fontaine Newsome makes partings more peaceful

Making Deals Happen

In junior high, Brian Weinhart sold hair dryers to secretaries; now he makes multimillion-dollar …

The Ultimate Lawyer-Statesman

How Gary Naftalis beat Perry Mason, defended Michael Eisner, and sank a shot at Madison Square …

The Expert

Greg Joseph is the corporate litigator you want answering that 3 a.m. (or 4 a.m.) phone call


Noah Hanft leads the charge at MasterCard

Mr. Connected

Angelo Genova goes from coffeehouse crooner to power player

Pepsi One

Larry Thompson stands behind an iconic American brand        

Rupert Murdoch’s Right-Hand Man

Lon Jacobs helped News Corporation take over The Wall Street Journal and MySpace

Boies v. Bush v. Gore

David Boies looks back at a brilliant career... and a Supreme Court decision that changed a nation

What Is Life Worth?

After 9/11, Kenneth Feinberg had to answer that unanswerable question

Help Me

Joseph Hayden answers the call

The First First Amendment Lawyer

Floyd Abrams on the Pentagon Papers, Judith Miller and why clerkships are great (it’s …

The Angel

Thanks to Cindy Robinson, victims of child sex abuse find the strength to step forward

Don't Mess with Mongo

Robert Mongeluzzi comes from a long line of people injured on the job­, which is why he …

Inside Man

Robert Barnett is a giant in publishing, an expert at presidential debate prep, and just an …

Government Problems? Call Ted Wells

Lewis Libby, in big trouble, knew where to turn

International Road Warrior

Rachel Robbins, lead lawyer for the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, always knows …

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