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Daniel L. Feder

What Is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment In California?

Employers have a responsibility to provide their workers …Sponsored answer by Daniel L. Feder

Larson A. Welsh

When Can You Repossess A Vehicle Or Equipment Following A Breach Of Contract In Nevada?

If you finance the sale of a vehicle or some other piece of …Sponsored answer by Larson A. Welsh

Robert Hughes, Jr.

How Can A Lawyer Assist Me In Georgia’s Probate Process?

WHAT IS PROBATE?Probate is the process of obtaining probate …Sponsored answer by Robert Hughes, Jr.

Gary D. Ginsberg

What is necessary to prove my medical malpractice lawsuit in New Jersey?

Normally, a consumer can report bad service or a defective …Sponsored answer by Gary D. Ginsberg

Michael J. Rosnick

What Can I Do If I Am Injured In A Car Accident In Connecticut?

Car accidents happen all too frequently, with many …Sponsored answer by Michael J. Rosnick

Common questions

M. Brigid Fernandez

Can a person preserve some assets when they go into a nursing home in Missouri?

One question we often receive from clients and other …Sponsored answer by M. Brigid Fernandez

Susan K. Duke

What Do I Do If My New York Ex And I Simply Can’t Co-Parent Together?

“This isn’t working.” After a divorce, the courts …Sponsored answer by Susan K. Duke

Michael Rott

How Many Parties Could Be Involved With A Construction Accident Claim In California?

Most of the time, if you suffer a work-related injury in …Sponsored answer by Michael Rott

Kari J. Hanratty

Can I Sue For A Brain Injury Caused By An Accident In Nevada?

Yes, you can sue for recovery after an accident causes a …Sponsored answer by Kari J. Hanratty

Gregory M. Funfsinn

How much is my case worth for a car accident in Kentucky?

Many factors go into determining how much a car accident …Sponsored answer by Gregory M. Funfsinn

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