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Image of Thomas P. Parrino

Are Trusts Included As Marital Property In Connecticut And How Are They Treated?

Connecticut law generally does not distinguish marital …Sponsored answer by Thomas P. Parrino

Image of Julie Matonich

How Do I Bring A Claim For A Birth Injury Caused By Medical Providers In Minnesota?

While issues can arise during childbirth that are beyond …Sponsored answer by Julie Matonich

Image of Devin Quackenbush

Can I Get Sole Custody Of My Child In Illinois If I Move?

The answer depends on a series of factors a judge will …Sponsored answer by Devin Quackenbush

Image of Amy K. Waggoner

As A Georgia Same-Sex Parent, Should I Adopt My Spouse’s Children?

Adopting their spouse’s biological children is the best …Sponsored answer by Amy K. Waggoner

Image of Luke A. Evans

How Do I Find The Best Murder Defense Lawyer In Tennessee?

People in Tennessee often have a hard time telling one …Sponsored answer by Luke A. Evans

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Image of Jeffery A. Dailey

What Can A Company Do If Someone Steals Its Idea Or Trade Secret In Pennsylvania?

Because not all ideas are protected, the first thing you …Sponsored answer by Jeffery A. Dailey

Image of Jim Chalat

How do I sue for my skiing injuries after a Colorado ski accident?

Skiing is a great winter activity that occasionally …Sponsored answer by Jim Chalat

Image of Devon Reiff

What should I do if I am hit by a delivery vehicle in New York City?

With the uptick in people ordering online, delivery …Sponsored answer by Devon Reiff

Image of Gary D. Ginsberg

What is necessary to prove my medical malpractice lawsuit in New Jersey?

Normally, a consumer can report bad service or a defective …Sponsored answer by Gary D. Ginsberg

Image of Jason Tremont

Can I bring a lawsuit for child sexual abuse in Connecticut?

In the last few decades, many states have revisited their …Sponsored answer by Jason Tremont

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