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Lawrence Ruiz

Can I Sue A Las Vegas, Nevada, Casino For An Injury?

Yes. If you suffer an injury at a Las Vegas casino because of someone’s negligence, you can sue.Most of the time, your claim would fall under the …Sponsored answer by Lawrence Ruiz

William J. O'Grady

Can I Get Out Of My Nevada Wyndham Timeshare For False Representation?

We hear stories all the time from people who say they were tricked into buying timeshares. This is, unfortunately, not surprising. Timeshare agents …Sponsored answer by William J. O'Grady

William J. O'Grady

How Can Someone Get Out Of A Wyndham Timeshare Contract In Las Vegas, Nevada?

There are multiple ways to get out of your Wyndham timeshare contract, but the options you have to potentially get out will depend on the facts of …Sponsored answer by William J. O'Grady

Larson A. Welsh

How do I file a foreign judgment in Nevada?

Judgments issued in states other than Nevada are considered a foreign judgment. Nevada has adopted the uniform law on domesticating foreign judgments …Sponsored answer by Larson A. Welsh

Brian K. Harris

How do I find a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Not all lawyers are alike. When you are injured, it is important that you place your trust and your case with an experienced and reputable Nevada …Sponsored answer by Brian K. Harris

Brandi K. Cassady

Can you do a grant of probate yourself in Nevada?

It is possible to do probate yourself in Nevada, but it has pitfalls and can be a frustrating process for many people. Estates less than $100,000 in …Sponsored answer by Brandi K. Cassady

Brandi K. Cassady

How much does a trust fund cost in Nevada?

We offer a revocable living trust package for a flat fee of $1,195 total.  There are no hidden fees or costs and that is the total price whether …Sponsored answer by Brandi K. Cassady

Blake B. Johnson

What benefits does an estate plan have in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Estate planning can help individuals take their interests and wishes and put them in fine print for the future. That way, when someone passes on, …Sponsored answer by Blake B. Johnson

Kari J. Hanratty

Can I Sue For A Brain Injury Caused By An Accident In Nevada?

Yes, you can sue for recovery after an accident causes a brain injury. Brain injuries often have serious long-term consequences that may not be …Sponsored answer by Kari J. Hanratty

Radford J. Smith

How Do I Find An Effective Child Custody Lawyer In Las Vegas, Nevada?

Child custody is often the most contentious issue among divorcing or separating parents in Nevada. Choosing the right lawyer is essential for custody …Sponsored answer by Radford J. Smith

Lawrence Ruiz

Can I Sue Top Golf In Las Vegas, Nevada, For An Injury?

Generally, the answer is, “Yes.” If someone’s negligence leads to your injury, you have a right to sue for compensation. That’s true whether …Sponsored answer by Lawrence Ruiz

Lawrence Ruiz

Can I Sue Uber For An Accident In Las Vegas, Nevada?

Yes, you can sue for any car accident, even when that accident involves a driver for Uber, Lyft or another rideshare service. Whether you’re a …Sponsored answer by Lawrence Ruiz

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