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Articles Written by Adrienne Schofhauser

Where There’s a Will

Columbia student Andrea Johnson led a Care-A-Van to Native American tribal lands

Creative Outlet

Parna Mehrbani enjoys the free flow of ideas in intellectual property law

Love and Bankruptcy

David Stern and Robert Pfister help same-sex couples with that ‘richer or poorer’ vow

Legal Fireworks

Robert M. Howard’s battle to continue a Fourth of July tradition

My Lawyer, the Rocket Scientist

How Neil Armstrong drove Michael Corso from aeronautics to the law

The Winner’s Circle

When the choice is win, place or show, Christina Vassiliou Harvey opts for win-win

New Sheriff in Town

Patricia G. Griffith, a Lady Bulldog at UGA, is also a bulldog in court

Success By Design

The 3-dimensional career of intellectual property attorney Christopher Carani


Andrew Zashin: Reminiscing About Robert Zashin


Lisa Orlando Pays Tribute to Suellen Oswald

Where There's a Will

Andrea Johnson finds a way to help the needy

Passion for Charity

Larry Katzenstein, of St. Louis’ Thompson Coburn, on the joy of helping charities help society, making estate planning clients feel at ease, and conducting the St. Louis Symphony

From the Fields to the Courtroom

Former migrant worker Cirilo Martinez is determined to help immigrants

Brad Maier Knows No Boundaries

Helping foreign professionals realize their American dreams

Heidi Timken and Marvin Starr

Heidi Timken and Marvin Starr

Who Was Your Mentor?

Therese and Barbara Lawless

And Then There Was One

A talent for argument—along with Agatha Christie—brought Kelly J.C. Gallinger to the law

View from the Top

How Susan Brewer landed at the helm of a major law firm

The Competitor

Rebecca Ringer’s battles for justice began with Sadie Hawkins Day

Eminently Qualified

Prineet Sharma makes sure land-takings are fair to all

Bryan Gowdy Never Says ‘Never’

A Jacksonville lawyer takes on the state of Florida—and wins

Who was your mentor?

LaShawnda Jackson and J. Scott Kirk

Who was your mentor?

Harley Riedel and Don Stichter

The Robe

Kelly Chang Rickert on being the girl who’s blindfolded with the justice scales

Business Man

Nikitas Moustakas can draft leases, handle real estate transactions and make spaghetti for hundreds

Google This

Mitchell J. Makowicz Jr.’s fight for the right to bring his laptop to court

Joshua Skinner and the Candy Cane Case

When can a Texas school ban religious proselytizing on its grounds?

Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Just as Good

Howard Krepack tries to keep L.A. roads safe for bicyclists

The Rights Stuff

Chicago attorney Matthew Piers is a big defender of the U.S. Constitution

Amy Schermer’s Incredible Journey

How a Columbus business attorney made the most of her second chance

Representing Obama’s Aunt

Scott Bratton and his fight to keep the president’s relative from being deported


Aisha Braveboy is both lawyer and delegate

Packed to the Gills

Brothers Pat and Greg Gill Jr. bring gridiron intensity to their family-owned firm

Tim Resch’s Life-Changing Assignment

An employment law attorney crosses the globe to tackle injustice

Family Man

Dylan Cernitz begins and ends his day on the farm—and eases people through sticky divorces in-between

Dan McManus Sees All Sides

One lawyer’s journey from prosecution to defense

Trial attorney Ted Williams Jr. of St. Louis’ Williams Venker & Sanders

On steam engines, military service, the jury system and the greatest hitter who ever lived

Law … and All That Jazz

A little night music from IP attorney Jonathan Z. King

Sue Ellen Eisenberg: Writing History

She helped level the playing field for women and minorities

The Star-Studded Career of R. Terrance Rader

Meet the attorney who trademarked the KISS faces and patented Neil Young’s model-train control—and hadn’t even planned to go into law

Drop by Drop

Wendy Bowden Crowther helps her clients preserve and secure rights to Utah’s water sources

The Vintner

James C. Peterson has balance, clarity and a great finish

Healthy Direction

Charmaine Chiu looks out for hospitals’ well-being

Government Guru

Anthony Garganese is so good at his job, four cities hired him as their lawyer

Shifting Gears

After hours, look for David Caldevilla behind the wheel—or the shutter

When the Dog Bites!

… It’s time to call in W. Mitchell Cogdill or Christopher M. Davis

The Environmental Encyclopedia

Honeywell’s Kate Adams learned a thing or two from those who came before her

Balancing Act

Laura Caldera Taylor seems to find extra hours in the day

Green Is Good

Construction lawyer Eric Grasberger builds on eco-sensitivity

Picture This

David Wilson Jr. captures courtroom wins—and breathtaking landscapes

The Slam-Dunker

Cary McGehee plays above the rim

The Spirits Move Her

But life hasn’t always been smooth pouring for liquor-law expert Kelly Allen

The Curious Case of a Button Collector

James Korman witnessed political history; now he collects it  

The Dazzling Larry Farese

Business attorney by day; rock legend by night

Long-Term Commitment

Barbara Duffy's team caters to the needs of the senior health-care industry

Mr. Startup

Whether it's business or bands, Jim Austin makes things happen

The Challenge Junkie

Brenna Legaard keeps her motor running        

The Cattleman

Dan O'Leary is at home on the range       

Arts Smarts

Katherine Hendricks’ clients know their music and literature. She knows how to protect their work

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