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About Alison Macor

A former film critic, Alison Macor has been working as a freelance writer and editor for more than 25 years. She’s followed filmmakers to Sundance and shadowed top breast cancer surgeons and trial lawyers. She’s written for Texas Monthly, Vogue Knitting, Thomson Reuters, and Humanities Texas, to name just a few. Alison also holds a Ph.D. in film history and is the author of three non-fiction books, including the forthcoming Making The Best Years of Our Lives: The Hollywood Classic That Inspired a Nation. She lives in Austin.

Articles Written by Alison Macor

New York Visa Requirements

Looking at the different types, what they require, and other immigration legal tips

Going 20 for 20

Seven perennial Texas Super Lawyers listees reflect on the last 20 years

The Accidental Activist

A personal tragedy prompted Janice Langbehn to find her voice

Dream Career

How Soulmaz Taghavi’s connections with immigrants shaped her pathway to the law

More at Stake

Jack Siegel repped his biggest client—Mom—against CVS

'A Niche Within a Niche'

Artists, galleries and more make up Sammetria Goodson’s practice

Tenaciously Civil

Former Judge Marilea Lewis believes in strength—and also in being nice

'You Fight for Your Side'

Texas attorneys who switched from prosecution to defense talk about what stays the same: getting the job done

Vital Force

Dallas litigator Victor Vital makes it his business to parachute into cases and stick the landing with juries

Gone Hot

Anne Bibeau’s budding hemp practice

Dodge Challenger

A dodgeball fundraiser is just one of the ways David Gail gives back

Courtroom Drama

A role in Inherit the Wind set theater kid Danielle Hatchitt on a path that led to the law

Pony Express

Cara Parmigiani pulls the strings of a traditional general practice

The Wild One

For 20 years, Melinda Singer was the Evel Knievel of family law attorneys

Strike Force

Dawn Estes tears it up, both at her women-owned powerhouse and with the band

Conversation Starter

Karen Gross is carving out an online space where kids can learn to agree to disagree—with civility

Being Mark Lanier

The Houston attorney’s talents include a strong work ethic, natural connection with juries, technological savvy, deep faith, photographic memory—and even acting chops

‘You Helped Me Change My Life’

These are the words that get Sujata Ajmera out of bed every morning

Doug Alexander and the Art of Persuasion

The appellate attorney helps shape the law—and sometimes ‘translates’ it for judges

The Other Arnold

Arnold Shokouhi made the journey from revolutionary Iran to Cowboys Stadium

Constructing a Career

How John Warren went from sweeping construction sites to representing builders in court

A Little More Than Luck

An oral history with a half-dozen attorneys who got their start back when a lawyer could cut his or (occasionally) her teeth on trials

A Forensic Revolution

Gary Udashen leads the way to help Texas’ wrongfully imprisoned

Embracing the Ugly Baby

Dick DeGuerin doesn’t sidestep reality when he represents clients like accused murderer/millionaire Robert Durst

Sweet Deals

Jane Snoddy Smith handles complex, high-stakes real estate transactions—without the high anxiety

Tran’s Way

As a kid, Tai C. Tran mapped buildings; now he puts buildings on maps

Ricardo G. Cedillo’s Shining Armor

The business litigator has suited up for clients ranging from Blockbuster to Playboy

The Judge, the Prosecutor and the Criminal Defense Attorney

They’re all Kerrisa Chelkowski, whose anxious parents bought her a black cowboy hat when she switched from prosecuting accused criminals to defending them

How Hilda Galvan Beat the Odds

The intellectual property litigator didn’t let neighborhood gangs or a naysaying teacher derail her dreams

The Trailblazer

Lynn Kamin entered family law and made it her own

Persuading in a Raw, Simple Way

Toby Cole advocates for personal injury clients by being himself in the courtroom

The Accidental Lawyer

Ophelia Camiña entered law school on a lark, but her success has been far from a fluke

The Techno-Criminal’s Public Enemy Number One

Matt Yarbrough goes after the crooks that attack the rest of us with bits and bytes

Working for a Great Society

Catherine Robb brings her famous family's spirit to a new generation

The Poster Child for ... Posters

Rogge Dunn sees art where others see only advertising

Les is More

The Mystery of the Week is “How does Les Weisbrod find time for everything he does?”

The Dark Knight

Holy transactions and litigation! Steve Stodghill comes to the rescue for all his famous clients

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