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Articles Written by Anthony Head

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Like Abraham, Craig Watkins asks if we want to destroy the righteous with the wicked

What Becomes a Legend Most?

Arthur Greenberg celebrates Greenberg Glusker's 50th anniversary

How Anti-Semitism Inspired the Creation of a Los Angeles Institution

Philip Glusker celebrates Greenberg Glusker's 50th year

Come, Let Us Reasoner Together

Harry Reasoner has been injecting the law with his good sense for almost half a century

The Animated Lawyer

Warner Bros.’ John Schulman shares an office with Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Mississippi Learning

Shawn Raymond is poised to revolutionize public service in America

The Celebrity Who Defends Celebrities

How many lawyers get their own bio on Howard Weitzman does

Alchemist of the Courtroom

Dick DeGuerin magically transforms losers to winners

The Survivor

You think lasting a few weeks on an island is tough? Corporate counsel John Schulman has been with Warner Bros. for two decades, and counting

Nothing Scares Luan Tran Anymore

Tran fled war-torn Vietnam and barely survived the boat ride to freedom

When Becoming a Christian Earns the Death Penalty

Ben Davidson knows too well the perils of living in Iran

How Robert Nachshin Got His Groove Back

How did a man happily married for three decades become the divorce king?

Free Speech Rocks!

When Babcock got Oprah off the hook in her notorious $11 million defamation suit, she was so grateful that she loaned him her 160-foot cruise boat

How to Lose Friends and Influence First Amendment Freedoms

At peril to his own popularity,Anthony Griffin slugs it out for free speech and civil rights


Greg Weisman’s surfing days helped launch his career

The Man Who Bullies the Bullies

Why does Joe Cotchett win so often? Street smarts

Watching Over the City of Dreams

Theme parks and movies and politics, oh my

You'll Not See Nothing Like the Mighty O'Quinn

The man The Wall Street Journal calls the “second richest lawyer” in America says when it comes to winning cases, he’s number one

It's Good to Be the King

He may be the richest lawyer in America, but even at 78 Joe Jamail shows no signs of slowing down

The Consigliere

When you're the lawyer for the Godfather of Soul, you have to be fast on your feet. Among many other things, Joel Katz is just that.

Bert Fields' Greatest Hits

The archetypal Hollywood lawyer, Fields takes no prisoners when representing his famous clients

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