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About Carlos Harrison

Carlos Harrison is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, two-time Emmy nominee, and author of 16 books ranging from biographies to legal issues. A graduate of the University of South Florida, his articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Miami Herald, People, and other publications. Several of his articles for Super Lawyers have won awards from the Society for Professional Journalists.

Articles Written by Carlos Harrison

Forward March

Two decades have brought big change—including a Hague custody niche—to Zashin & Rich

‘A True Advocate’

Whether uncovering appealable flaws or improving life for foster children, Marcy Hogan Greer infuses her work with passion

Second to None

To overcome racism, Elaine Johnson James' mother told her, she'd have to work harder than everybody else. She did.

Speaking for Survivors

Richard Schulte and Michael Wright represent sexual-abuse victims of former OSU physician Richard Strauss

Getting Tech Off the Ground

Airbus’ flying car is just one of the cutting-edge projects Sasha Rao gets to work on 

Family Matters

Jeanne Tate’s life’s work is about bringing parents and children together

Stirred, Not Shaken

Contract lawyer by day, Marc Kaliser raises mixology to a fine art

Fighting 'Forever Chemicals'

How Rob Bilott's life became a mission to hold DuPont accountable

The Well-Grounded Career of Debbie Alsup

This Austin litigator has helped make Texas law—while making life better for abused children

Game Plan

Bill Stark covers all the legal bases for his interactive-entertainment clients

'Women Don't Become Attorneys'

Happily for her clients and the lawyers she’s mentored along the way, Roberta Mandel didn’t take that advice 

Walking the Talk

When it comes to diversity, Fort Lauderdale firm Kim Vaughan Lerner means business

Trail Blazer

Amy Emerson hits the ground running, whether she’s taming construction disputes or exploring trails 

Technical Difficulties

Or why you should always bring a stack of boxes to court

Force for Nature

Bill Jackson has taken on cases involving Agent Orange and the Deepwater spill; this one is bigger

'I'm in the Right Place'

How Laura Brown found her niche handling birth injury cases

Moving Society Forward

As Frank Scruggs sees it, that is the ministry of his work

The Dealmaker

Lobbyist Mark Vane shines at persuading lawmakers to change things. Or, sometimes, keep them the same

Everything Yvette Ostolaza Needed to Know She Learned at Sears

The Dallas litigator says the pathway to relationship-building is through customer service

Uncapping Pain and Suffering

Three cases converged to kill Florida’s limits on med-mal awards

Harley Riedel’s Move

The Tampa attorney is a master at keeping bankrupt companies in the game

When Filing for Bankruptcy is the Best Solution

When the going gets tough in Florida

Translating Divorce in Florida

Spanish-speaking couples headed for divorce court may need an attorney and a translator

Fostering Hope

How Paul Yetter made a federal case out of the state’s foster-care program

The Balloon Man

Nick Bettinger spends his free time twisting ‘sculptures’ and delivering smiles

Help Your Online Startup Business Dodge Legal Landmines

Hoping for the best and planning for the worst in Florida

From Way Downtown

That’s how Sacramento attorney Shaye Diveley helped deliver an arena for the Kings—and just before the buzzer

Visionary Man

Eugene Pettis’ plan to lift others up the ladder

‘Never forget where you came from’

His mother’s words inspire Frank Herrera Jr. to help empower the Latino community

On Becoming Perry Mason

Rhonda Hunter started out her career as Della Street—but soon realized she could aim much higher


Plaintiff’s attorney Ted Leopold and a ‘perfect textbook case of corporate greed’

If it quacks like a duck …

… It’s probably Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox, working its magic on a jury

Judicial Merit

Former judge Deborah Hankinson on access to justice, bringing appeals, and the battle over Prop 12


The Tallahassee attorney for the families of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin has one goal: proving that black lives matter

She’s Got You Covered

Amy Elizabeth Stewart’s favorite things include digging into complex insurance policies, serving as head rainmaker and helping women move out of ‘second chair’

Essentially Allyson Ho

A harp performance at Sandra Day O’Connor’s request came early in a legal career that is hitting all the right notes

The A-Team

Tampa appellate duo Steve Brannock and Celene Humphries smoke Big Tobacco

Making It, Baking It, Taking It

Office Depot’s Elisa D. Garcia C. makes it her business to know the business

Marshaling the Evidence

Drew Neville does his homework. And then he does it again

Military Man

Former Marine Patrick J. McLain has 10 kids and a strong sense of right and wrong

The Man Who Said No to LBJ

Shannon Ratliff chose politics over ranching, then law over politics

Power Puncher

‘Rocky’ Rodriguez was on the front lines of the 2000 presidential recount and the Terri Schiavo controversy

Aesthetically Yours

How to practice law in an art gallery

Where Pit Bulls Fear to Tread

Anywhere near attorney Paul Geller

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