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About Carly Nairn

Carly Nairn is a journalist based in San Francisco. Her work has been published with National Geographic, Yes! Magazine, and Mongabay, among others. 

Articles Written by Carly Nairn

Seeing it Through

Adam Doerr led the charge to get COVID relief to overlooked families in need

A 10-Year Overnight Success

Demetria Graves wrote the book; now she’s recording the podcast

The Last Days with Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil rights attorney Michael Cody talks about his small part in big history

The Voice of New Orleans

André Mouledoux’s journey from DJ to J.D.

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for the Environment, the Law, and the Future

Environmental law attorney and policy expert Jennifer Hernandez assesses one of 2022’s most significant pieces of legislation

Stepping Out

Amanda Alexander’s path to law started with confronting bullies on a school bus

A Gun in the Courtroom and the Attorney Who Sounded the Alarm

Talking with Lauren Varnado about the much-publicized ordeal

Bonkers Thus Far: The Impact of Minnesota’s New THC Law

A Q&A with Jason Tarasek, a cannabis lawyer who helped launch the bill, reflects on its unlikely passage and what it means for the future

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