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About Carole Hawkins

Carole Hawkins is full-time freelance journalist who has written more than 2,000 articles on business and public policy for The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Business Journal and other regional newspapers. She has received awards from the Georgia Press Association and the Florida Press Club for business and feature writing.

Articles Written by Carole Hawkins

Doing Her Part

Childhood struggles directed Sylvia Cardona toward the law—as well as public service

The Company of Musicians

How a stint at a record label led Lorri Lomnitzer to intellectual property law

Can New York Police Search My Car?

Your rights during a traffic stop

A Comforting Face

Elaine Tso makes it her business to care for Northeast Ohio’s Asian population

Finding Her Voice

Sonakshi Kapoor was told a girl couldn’t join the family business—so she became a lawyer instead

First Things First

Carol LoCicero fights for her media clients’ constitutional rights

Nursing Home Care in the Age of COVID-19

What senior Floridians need to know

Who's Responsible for an Injury in a Florida Home?

Who's at fault, who pays, and what do you do?

What You Can Do About Those Annoying Robocalls

Florida attorneys' advice when robots, spoofers and scammers call

How to Tell If You Have a Workers' Comp Claim

What you don't know can hurt you

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