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About Carole Moore

Carole Moore is a former police officer who has worked in TV news and radio before concentrating solely as a freelance writer and book author. She writes about true crime, finance, criminal justice reform and humor. Her latest book is The Last Place You’d Look: True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Searched for Them.

Articles Written by Carole Moore

Steady as She Goes

Leslie Winner takes in stride her responsibilities as top legal counsel for all 16 colleges of The University of North Carolina

It's All in the Details

Mark Merritt, who seems as rock-solid as the boulders dotting the Smokey Mountains, says his vigilance for details lies at the heart of his success

Setting the Bar

Anthony "Tony" Lathrop is a conservative foil to his flamboyant clients       

The Legal Repercussions of Hurricane Reconstruction

Florida construction litigators break down what you can expect after natural disasters

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